Road Safety Display Trailers

About the trailers

Display Trailer

WALGA's RoadWise Program received funding through the Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA) to build a number of road safety display trailers which aim to assist members of the community road safety network to promote road safety at community events across the state.

Fostering community support is vital for the effective implementation of WA's road safety strategy 2020 - 2030 and the safe system approach to road safety. The road safety display trailers assist with generating this community support.

In regional areas, numerous community events are held each year. These events generally attract local residents and visitors, offering opportunities for increased exposure to key road safety messages and campaigns at the community level.

The trailers complement similar trailers already in operation in some regions and provide a transportable and durable road safety resource, suitable for outdoor (and certain indoor) display purposes.

Road safety displays can be made easier with the display trailers, reducing much of the organisation and logistics required when planning a display. All resources and merchandise are contained within the trailer, which is easily transported and quick to assemble.

Road Safety Council member agencies, other road safety partners/organisations and community groups have access to the road safety display trailers.

For further information, please download an electronic copy of the Road Safety Display Trailer Fact Sheet by completing the download form on the Tools and Resources page.  

To view contact details for a trailer near you, scrool down to the Contact section below.

Trailer images and specifications

The road safety display trailers are designed to be towed by an average medium sized vehicle - a large vehicle or 4WD is not required.

The dimensions of the trailers are:Display Trailer

  • length: 3.4 metres
  • height: 2.4 metres
  • width: 1.6 metres

The trailer weighs no more then 1.5 tonnes fully loaded. To view the trailer design and dimensions (when open) please complete the download form on the Tools and Resources page.

A built-in television, laptop, competition box, brochure displays and poster displays make promoting key road safety messages easy. An external power source or generator is required to power the lights, television and laptop.

The new trailers open up on three sides, providing enhanced access and protection from the elements. Lighting is also provided so the trailer can be used at night. 

Trailer Locations

The road safety display trailers are located in six regions across WA including the Kimberley, Wheatbelt, Perth Metropolitan area, South West, Great Southern and Goldfields-Esperance.

Organisations and community groups can book their region's display trailer for local events, tailoring the merchandise and materials on display to align with local road safety issues or campaigns.

Booking Process

Road safety display trailers can be booked through your local Regional Road Safety Advisor and are made available free of charge. 

Completion of a booking sheet is required prior to hire and an event report must be completed on return of the trailer to assist with compilation of usage statistics.

The booking sheet is found at the back of the WALGA's RoadWise Program Resource Catalogue; complete the download form to obtain an electronic copy. Your local Road Safety Advisor will provide a copy of all other relevant forms and the hire processes.

Each trailer is generously housed by a Local Government and the hirer is required to collect and return the trailer to the host Local Government.

Contacts and Display Trailer Locations

Location: Kimberley (hosted by the Shire of Broome)
Contact: Greg Hayes
Position: Regional Road Safety Advisor
Phone: 0419 192 759
Location Perth Metrolpolitan area (hosted by the City of Swan - Depot)
Contact: Katherine Celenza
Position: Regional Road Safety Advisor
Phone: 9213 2041
Location: Wheatbelt North (hosted by the Shire of Northam)
Contact: Cliff Simpson
Position: Regional Road Safety Advisor
Phone: 9622 2100
Location: Great Southern (hosted by the Shire of Plantagenet)
Contact: Vivenne Gardiner
Position: Regional Road Safety Advisor
Phone: 0418 904 081
Location: South West (hosted by the Shire of Dardanup)
Contact: Katherine Celenza
Position: Regional Road Safety Advisor
Phone: 0407 986 496
Location: Goldfields-Esperance (hosted by the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder)
Contact: Philip Taylor
Position: Regional Road Safety Advisor
Phone: 0437 413 225