Road Safety Network

The greatest strength of the RoadWise Program is its network of people, which includes RoadWise Committees and relationships with a range of stakeholder agencies throughout metropolitan and regional WA.

WALGA’s RoadWise Program supports local road safety committees and the state-wide network of groups and individuals with an interest in road safety. More than 6000 individuals are part of the network, consisting of representatives from Local Government, Government agencies, local businesses, community groups and individuals.

For more information, please download the Community Road Safety Network fact sheet available by completing the download form.

RoadWise Committees

RoadWise Committees are formed through partnerships to address road safety issues at a community level throughout the State. Committees provide a forum where local issues are discussed and the group can develop and deliver community based road safety campaigns. These committees enhance the local coordination of road safety activities. They encourage the idea of shared responsibility on our roads and the intervention from all spheres within our society including each and every individual.

Service Clubs

Supporting the community at the local level, service clubs including Apex, Rotary and Lions are often involved in road safety projects and activities. Many RoadWise Committees have representation from one or more of these clubs.

Community Groups

Community Groups are a vital part of the Road Safety Network. Groups such as the Country Women’s Association of WA are represented on many committees.

Stakeholder agencies

Road Safety Commission

The Road Safety Commission (RSC), formerly the Office of Road Safety, undertakes community education, research, policy development and data analysis. RSC is a member of the Road Safety Council.

Main Roads WA

Main Roads WA has responsibility for designing, building, maintaining and operating the state road network, along with setting speed limits. Main Roads is represented on many RoadWise Committees and provides expert advice on a range of issues. A representative of Main Roads WA sits on the Road Safety Council and most Road Safety Taskforces.

Western Australia Police Force

The Western Australia Police Force works to make Western Australia a safe and secure place to live. It contributes to road safety through enforcement and other traffic management and road safety activities. RoadWise works closely with the WA Police, who are represented on most RoadWise Committees, to enhance its activities. The WA Police Force is also part of the Road Safety Council.

School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA)

Education is a key aspect of road safety. Through School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) , all students in Western Australia have access to comprehensive road safety education programs. SDERA works across State, Catholic and Independent schools and services both metropolitan and regional areas. RoadWise works closely with SDERA, particularly in regional areas of WA. The Department of Education is represented on the Road Safety Council.

Department of Health

Road safety has been recognised as a major health issue worldwide. RoadWise works in partnership with health promotion officers throughout the State to implement community road safety education strategies. The Department of Health also provides input as a member of the Road Safety Council.

Department of Transport

The Department of Transport works closely with other agencies on issues such licensing of drivers, riders and vehicles. The Department is represented on the Road Safety Council, and is a member of many RoadWise Committees around WA.


RoadWise works with many other organisations and groups such as:

Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee

WARSEC (Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee) is a multi-member agency committee convened by SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware), with an interest in improving safe road use and road safety education for young people in Western Australia.

WALGA is a member of the WARSEC Committee.