Shire of Denmark

Meeting Dates

The Shire of Denmark RoadWise Committee meets monthly at the Shire of Denmark.

Committee Membership

  • Shire of Denmark Councillors
  • Shire of Denmark staff
  • WA Police Force
  • Department of Health
  • WALGA's RoadWise Program
  • Main Roads WA
  • St John Ambulance Service
  • Denmark District High School
  • Community members



  • Fatigue education
  • Countesy Speed Diaply Signs
  • Drink driving education displays and Sober Superheroes campaign
  • Blessing of the Roads
  • The Road Ribbons for Road Safety® campaign
  • Sign of Safety – aiming for 100% of wineries with the sign of safety
  • Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride campaign

Sober Super Heroes Campaign


Each year, the Shire of Denmark RoadWise Committee, in partnership with the Denmark Police, recognise and reward Sober Super Heroes and their passengers for making good choices around alcohol and driving.

The Committee knows there are a lot of people in our community who do the right thing by not drinking anything before getting behind the wheel. They want to reward the good choices that people make around alcohol and driving. This initiative inteds to show people that the whole community appreciates what they’re doing, because their choices affect all of us.

The campaign aimed to recognise drivers who returned a 0.00 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and passengers who chose a sober driver - encouraging the community to work together to contribute to road safety.

The whole community can support this campaign by encouraging people not to drink any alcohol before driving, and by setting a good example by doing the same.

2019 Campaign Update

Jorja Williamson from Denmark was announced as this year's major prize winner (pictured above). Jorja received $400 worth of vouchers which can be spent locally thanks to the campaign's sponsors.

In 2019, the campaign was shortlisted as a finalist in the Western Australian Regional Achievement and Community Awards, Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regional Safety category, and is an example of local road safety stakeholders working together to help address local road safety issues. 

Road Ribbons for Road Safety


The Shire is an active participant in the Road Ribbons for Road Safety  campaign. The annual campaign is launched on the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in November and runs over the Christmas and New Year period and into January. Free ribbons and displays can be found at various places around Denmark such as the Shire office, the police station, Denmark Health Service and the schools.

Visit the Road Ribbons for Road Safety campaign page to find out more information.


Rodney Thornton

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