Shire of Kent

The Shire of Kent is located in the Great Southern of Western Australia approx 320 kilometres from Perth, it is made up of two towns, Nyabing & Pingrup, with a total population of approximately 550 people.

The Shire covers approximately 5,600 square kilometres and is predominately an agricultural area, with many wheat & sheep farmers. The area is also seeing an increase in visitation by tourists.

Projects / Initiatives

The Shire of Kent regularly uses Courtesy Speed Display Signs (CSDS) and Variables Message Signs to promote safe speed and other road safety messages, and is also a regular supporter of the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.




Pictured above: The Nyabing town entry statement; Shire of Kent staff showing their support for the 2019 Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign. 

Road Safety Advisor

Rodney Thornton

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