City of Bayswater

The City of Bayswater covers an area of 32.7 square kilometres, has 380km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 61,262 in over 28,878 residential dwellings.


Bin stickers

The City provides “Please Slow Down Consider Our Kids” bin stickers to be placed on the side of domestic waste bins. The bin stickers are part of a community education campaign to raise the awareness of drivers to reduce their speed in built up areas.

The stickers act as a deterrent for speeding by providing a visual reminder to drivers to reduce their speed. As they are only displayed on bin collection days, it reduces the chance that drivers will become accustomed to them. 

Declaration for Road Safety

The City of Bayswater has signed the Declaration for Road Safety demonstrating their political commitment to work towards zero road fatalities and serious injuries in their local community.

The initiative aims to enhance the safety of all road users, through a safe systems approach that looks at the four elements considered crucial to reducing road related deaths and injuries. The four elements include improving such factors as: the state of roads and road verges; speed management; safer vehicles; and safer road use through fostering good driving habits.

The Declaration provides a statement of intent and acknowledges the moral and ethical role Local Governments as road managers and community leaders have in road safety. Essentially, it provides an opportunity for local leaders to pledge to future generations that every road death is one too many.

Road Safety Advisor

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