City of Stirling

The City of Stirling covers an area of 104.7 square kilometres, has 1,076km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 219,975 in over 92,708 residential dwellings.

Meeting Dates

The City's Road Safety Advisory Committee meets on the first Wednesday, bi-monthly.

Committee Membership

  • City of Stirling Elected Members and officers
  • WA Police Force
  • Main Roads WA
  • WALGA's RoadWise Program
  • Stirling community representatives
  • Motorcycle Riders Association WA



Child Car Restraints

The City of Stirling has developed a number of programs to contribute to a reduction in the number of children killed and seriously injured as a result of traffic crashes. Programs have been run and increased to meet demand and new objectives.

  • Bi-monthly checking stations for City of Stirling residents. Additional checking and installing is available as per demand for agencies involved with child care, health, socialisation and education.
  • Educational presentations at child services facilities, events, community groups and playgroups.
  • Provide workshops for agencies that deal with children/families such as Department of Child Protection, Mirrabooka Migrant Centre, City of Stirling Women’s Refuge and surrounding family services organisations.
  • Partnering with City of Swan to carry out a vehicle and child car restraint checking station twice a year, prior to the Easter and Christmas holiday season.

Shane Pope, City of Stirling, Road Safety Advisor

Community Safe Speed Promise

The City of Stirling, in partnership with the City of Joondalup, has been successful in receiving a grant to fund the Community Safe Speed Promise project. The funding for this project was provided by the Community Road Safety Grants Program which was funded through speed and red light cameras.

The initiative asks residents to sign a Safe Speed Promise and commit to driving within the speed limit and being a courteous driver. Participants will receive a bumper sticker and fridge magnet so they are easily identifiable and can set an example for other motorists to follow. Participants will also receive regular updates on road safety through a Community Safe Speed Promise Newsletter.

For further information, or to become involved in the project contact the City of Stirling Road Safety Advisor on 9205 8555.

Street Safe

The City of Stirling in collaboration with WA Police has developed a Street Safe campaign targeting speed and ‘hoon’ behaviour. The program is an online diary-form that residents complete detailing any "unlawful" traffic incidences occurring in their street.

This will aid the City and the Police in determining the type of incidents occurring and also assist the City in targeting problem areas.

Please Slow Down, Consider Our KidsPlease Slow Down, Consider Our Kids

The 'Please Slow Down, Consider our Kids' bin sticker project is an initiative developed to promote the awareness of drivers to reduce their speed in built up areas. The stickers provide a visual cue for motorists to reduce their speed.

The bin stickers are only displayed one day a week on the street in an effort to reduce the chance that the motorist will become accustomed to their presence. They provide an opportunity for householders to actively address motorist speeding in their street.

Residents who would be happy to participate in the next wave of stickers can call the City's Customer Contact Centre on 9205 8555.

Speed Alert Mobile (SAM)

The City of Stirling's Speed Alert Mobile interacts with motorists by displaying the speed at which they are travelling. In doing so, the display encourages motorist to be more aware of their speed. The trailer visits three locations per week: Tuesday to Thursday, morning and afternoon.

Schools, community groups and residents can contact the City with suggested sites for deployment of the SAM trailer, please contact the City’s Road Safety Advisor on 9205 8555.

Speed Alert Mobile (SAM)

Drop 5 Save Lives

In 2005 the City’s road safety working group developed the Drop 5 Save Lives in the City of Stirling campaign. The Drop 5 Save Lives in the City of Stirling campaign was developed to encourage motorists using the roads in the City of Stirling to slow down, implemented through community education strategies that foster community participation in road safety and reduce the social acceptability of speeding. A number of programs from this campaign continue to be used, further developed and promoted including the 'Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids' bin stickers, the Neighbourhood Pace Car Initiative and the City’s Speed Alert Mobile (SAM).

The City of Stirling’s Drop Five, Save Lives project won the Reducing Travel Speeds category and the Gold Award at the Insurance Commission of WA Road Safety Awards.

Blow 0.00 and win

City of Stirling's Road Safety Working Group and the WA Metropolitan Police Force traffic section has held Blow 0.00 and Win competitions. All drivers who were breath-tested with a 0.00 result receive a road safety pack with information on the impacts of drink driving, other road safety material and an entry form for a chance to win. This campaign is used to increase the awareness of the dangers associated with drink driving.


 It is common for most schools to have difficulties with managing traffic during pick up and drop off times. The rapid increase in vehicles and competition for parking space for about 15 to 20 minutes each morning and afternoon can be a problem for everyone involved. The City of Stirling aims to work with schools experiencing problems with traffic management by developing and implementing a range of education, environmental and engineering strategies. A number of activities can be used to help manage road safety and traffic issues.

The City of Stirling can assist schools in establishing a Parking Warden program to improving traffic flow and encouraging safer parking practices. The City provides advice, case studies and practical solutions for dealing with issues of parent parking.

A Parking Warden is a concerned parent, teacher and/or resident who voluntarily helps keep the traffic flowing during pick up and drop off times.

Please Slow DownSchools

Blessing of the Roads

Prior to the Easter holiday period the City of Stirling partner with the City of Swan and City of Joondalup to alternately host a Blessing of the Roads ceremony.

The Blessing of the Roads campaign is an annual state-wide road safety awareness campaign to promote road safety in the lead up to the Easter long weekend. The aim of the campaign is to create awareness for all road users of the need to exercise courtesy, care and common sense when travelling on our roads at all times, including over the busy Easter weekend. It is a time to remember the family and friends of those who have died in road crashes and provides an opportunity for them to encourage others to be more road safety aware. Furthermore it is an opportunity to recognise the dedication and efforts of those, both full time and volunteers, who work towards reducing road trauma. Local Governments and communities participate by formally blessing the roads as part of an official ceremony.

Vehicle and child car restraint checking station

Stirling Road Safety Advisory Group and Swan RoadWise Committee join forces to host a free vehicle and child car restraint checking station. This Local Government Road Safety Award winning initiative is run twice a year prior to the Easter and Christmas holiday period. Motorists are invited to have their cars checked for roadworthiness. Qualified mechanics from the City of Stirling, City of Swan and RAC are on hand to check vehicles. Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters from both Cities carryout child car restraint fitting and checks. The checking station initiative aims to reduce injuries and deaths amongst the community including targeting its younger members.

City of Stirling and Swan vehicle and CCR checking station

Motorcycle safety workshops

The City of Stirling hosts a free biannual ‘Ride Right’ motorcycle and scooter road craft workshop facilitated by Dave Wright Motorcycle Consulting. This is an opportunity for participating motorcyclists to update their skills and improve knowledge. Ride Right is a free rider theory and on road practical enhancement course designed to inform participants of the latest road rules, riding techniques and safety technology. For more information please contact Dave Wright on 0418 954 424.


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