City of Vincent

The City of Vincent covers an area of 11.3 square kilometres, has 150km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 31,549 in over 16,838 residential dwellings.

Meeting Dates

The Integrated Transport Advisory Group meets four times per annum.

Integrated Transport Advisory Group (ITAG)

Objective: to act in an advisory capacity relating to all integrated transport, alternative transport modes, local traffic, road safety and significant on-road parking matters in the City.

ITAG considers all traffic, parking and road safety issues brought to Council’s attention by residents and community groups, with an emphasis on road safety. The Council considers a preliminary report on the issues involved and generally refers the matter to the Advisory Group for further consideration. The Group in turn invites the residents who initially raised the matter to attend an Advisory Group meeting. The Group is able to get a firsthand understanding of the residents’ concerns and looks at possible solutions. If a tentative solution is agreed at the meeting a recommendation is presented to Council, and if approved, it then goes out to wider public consultation. As the residents are involved early, and are part of the solution, the process generally results in a positive outcome.

Committee Membership

  • Town of Vincent
  • Elected Members
  • WALGA's RoadWise Program
  • The local community



Drink driving

With the increasing popularity of the Leederville, Mt Lawley, Highgate, Perth and Mt Hawthorn entertainment areas, the issue of drink driving has become more evident. The City through the Vincent Accord has been working with licensed premises to address this issue and educate patrons on the dangers of drink driving.

Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kidsbin sticker

The City of Vincent participates in the 'Please Slow Down, Consider our Kids' bin sticker project. The bin stickers are only displayed one day a week on the street in an effort to reduce the chance that the motorist will become accustomed to their presence. They provide an opportunity for householders to actively address motorist speeding in their street and aim to reduce travel speeds.

Road Safety Advisor

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