Shire of Mundaring

The Shire of Mundaring covers an area of 644 square kilometres, has 612km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 38,976 in over 14,651 residential dwellings.


Green Spot Program


Green Spot Program

The Green Spot Program is a new initiative for the Shire. As part of the Program, signs with a green spot and the Wildcare Helpline are displayed at different locations throughout the Shire. The signs are aimed at making motorists more aware of the ‘hot spots’ to slow vehicles down and avoid wildlife deaths. The Shire has involved the community in surveying animal movements in the area to determine the locations of the signs.

Road Ribbons for Road Safety campaign

The Shire supports the Road Ribbons for Road Safety campaign, a community based initiative which allows individuals to directly contribute to raising awareness about the importance of road safety over the Christmas holiday period.

Road Safety Guides Provided in Visitors Centre

The Mundaring Visitors Centre holds copies of Guides to Driving in WA, booklets which are translated in a range of languages. The Guides provide information and road rules for driving on WA’s regional roads and raises awareness of road safety as visitors are driving through our state.

Road Safety Advisor

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