Shire of Peppermint Grove

The Shire of Peppermint Grove covers an area of 1.1 square kilometres, has 11km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 1,636 in over 613 residential dwellings.


Speed display trailer

Peppermint Grove’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan – one of the local priorities in the plan is to reduce speeding and travel speeds within the local community through education campaigns, the use of a speed alert mobile display trailer, enforcement and improving public infrastructure and other road engineering practices on local roads.

Safe road use

The Shire has been working with representatives from WALGA’s RoadWise Program to raise awareness in the local community about safety on the roads. The Shire also works in partnership with Town of Cottesloe and Town of Mosman Park on various road safety projects.

Below is a driver distraction road safety display featured at The Grove Library, Peppermint Grove. The display comprised of road safety information for the community to access and encouraged the public to enter a driver distraction road safety competition that highlighted ways in which drivers are distracted.

Distraction display


Road Safety Advisor

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