Town of Cambridge

The Town of Cambridge covers an area of 22 square kilometres, has 194km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 28,000 in over 11,863 residential dwellings.



Bin stickers

The Town provides “Please Slow Down Consider Our Kids” bin stickers to be placed on the side of wheelie bins. The bin stickers are part of a community education campaign to raise the awareness of drivers to reduce their speed in built up areas.

The stickers act as a deterrent for speeding by providing a visual reminder to drivers to reduce their speed. As they are only displayed on bin collection days, it reduces the chance that drivers will become accustomed to them.

Stickers are available for collection from the Town of Cambridge Administration or can be ordered online from the Town’s website

Alternatively, contact the Town's Community Safety Officer on 9347 6000 to send you a road safety sticker in the mail.

Vehicle child restraint fittings

The Town provides a fitting and checking service for child car restraints. This service is free for residents of the Town of Cambridge.

Fittings take place at the Town's Administration building located at 1 Bold Park Drive in Floreat, available by appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday.

A qualified Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter will check the installation of baby capsules, booster seats, harnesses and baby seats and will advise if the equipment meets Australian Standards.

To take advantage of this service, telephone 9347 6000 to make an appointment. 

Radar speed indicator

An automated trailer measuring and displaying vehicle speeds is used in local school zones, road construction areas and on local streets as a safety reminder for motorists. It aims to raise awareness about local speed zones and to increase pedestrian safety by slowing traffic.  The trailer uses a radar to measure the speed of passing vehicles.

If you know of a location where the use of the speed indicator trailer will assist local road safety please contact the Town's Community Safety Officer on 9347 6000.

Traffic count meters

The Town places traffic count meters temporarily in locations on local streets to record vehicle speeds over specific time periods. The information provided by these counters is used to identify roads with ongoing speed problems to assist road improvement planning and speed management.

Road Safety Advisor

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