Town of Cottesloe

The Town of Cottesloe covers an area of 4 square kilometres, has 45.7km of sealed roads, and a population of approximately 8,625 in over 4,209 residential dwellings.

Committee details

The Towns Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan 2010 – 2014 includes “Strategy 3 To raise awareness in the local community about safety on the roads, including safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, safe speeds and safe road use as outlined in the Road Safety Council’s Strategic Action Plan”.

The Town's Community Safety & Crime Prevention Committee is made up of representatives from various organisations including the local Police, Cottesloe's Corporate & Community Manager, Community Development Officer and Rangers, WALGA’s RoadWise Road Safety Advisor and local residents with an interest in keeping Cottesloe safe. The committee meets bimonthly on the fourth Tuesday.



The Town’s road safety program has two aims. Firstly, to increase education in the community that raises awareness of the dangers of speeding and the need for safety on the roads. This includes the safe limit of alcohol consumption. Secondly the Town will engage in practical methods to slow down travel speeds.

  • The Council approved the installation of a speed cushion and relevant signage on the hill of Broome Street.
  • Will utilise the Drop 5, Save Lives message and program.
  • Promote an awareness of safe road use to the community.
  • Promote safe driving and safe alcohol consumption in the local pubs.
  • Promote the Look, Lock and Leave message in car parks to prevent theft.

The following activities complement the above initiatives: Distraction banner

  • Have signage placed in trouble spots to tell people to slow down and save lives.
  • Hold road safety competitions at Cottesloe Civic Centre and The Grove Library, Peppermint Grove.
  • Print and promote material that gets the safe, courteous driving message across.
  • Work with police to have hot spots equipped with cameras.
  • Promote motorcycle safety week by providing educational material to the community.
  • Promote road safety during ‘Community Safety Month’ an initiative implemented by the Injury Control Council of WA


Road Safety Advisor

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