City of Melville

The City of Melville covers an area of around 53sqkms with a population of 104,265 and 530kms of sealed road.

Meeting dates

The City of Melville Road Safety and TravelSmart working group meets monthly.

Committee Membership

  • City of Melville
  • Main Roads WA
  • WA Police Force
  • Transperth
  • Murdoch University
  • Bicycle User Groups
  • Community
  • WALGA RoadWise Program


To develop strategies and action plans with an emphasis on community input, while achieving a safer environment for all road users.



Addressing speed


Drivers on the streets in the City of Melville will be getting a courteous reminder to slow down on local roads.

Three new interactive courtesy speed display signs have been installed as part of a program to reduce travel speeds, particularly in residential areas. The signs raise awareness of travel speeds, providing instant feedback on whether drivers are travelling above the posted speed limit.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the signs in reducing speeds is planned, with early indications showing drivers are slowing down while the signs are in place.

The City also has a speed display trailer to raise drivers’ awareness of their speed. The trailer is placed at strategic locations throughout the City of Melville. The trailer informs drivers of their speed and relays a message either praising them, if their speed is below the limit, or cautioning them if it is above the limit.

Raising awareness of road safety

The City of Melville raises awareness through a variety of means including road safety messages on the City’s website and distributing ribbons during the Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign.


Pictured above: Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services, supporting Road Ribbon campaign.


Ann Drogemuller, Corporate Administration Officer,

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