Town of Victoria Park

The Town of Victoria Park covers around 18sqkms with a population of 37,682 and 175km of sealed roads.

Town of Victoria Park Integrated Movement Network Working Group

Meeting dates

The group meets quarterly.

Committee membership

  • Town of Victoria Park
  • WA Police Force
  • Community
  • WALGA RoadWise Program


The Group works to assess and provide advice to Council on movement network issues to contribute to the vibrant lifestyle of the Town of Victoria Park.

The Town also addresses road safety through activities such as:

  • promotion of safe vehicles through displays
  • addressing speed through use of speed display trailer and bin stickers
  • supporting the Road Ribbon for Road Safety campaign

Town of Victoria Park safe vehicles banner

Pictured above: Town of Victoria Park promotes safe vehicles


Contact - Engel Prendergast, Senior Road Safety Consultant

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