City of Bunbury

The City of Bunbury is located within the South West region. If you would like to become involved in improving road safety in your local area, visit the Community Involvement page of this website.

For more information about the City of Bunbury RoadWise Committee visit the City of Bunbury website.


  • 'M8 the Call Can W8' campaign which raises awareness of the dangers of using mobile phones whilst driving. Local Governments across the South West are now involved in the campaign, making a regional road safety initiative.
  • 'Slow Down in Bunbury' project which includes the 'Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids' bin stickers on wheelie bins.
  • Bunbury Cares About You: interchangeable entry and exit signs to the City.
  • Ongoing promotion of the safe system approach, including all four cornerstones, through media, and displays at events and shopping centres.
  • Road safety audits
  • Cyclist safety
  • Advocacy for road safety legislative changes including safe vehicle feature uniformity, first aid training for novice drivers and red light camera localities.
  • Advocacy for speed limit reduction for local roads within the Local Government area.
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Use of speed display trailer throughout the City.





Pictured above: Road safety projects in the City of Bunbury include the Choose Your Ride campaign and the use of Courtesy Speed Display Signs (CSDS) to help positively influence travel speeds across the network.

Road Safety Advisor

Jacqui Sharp

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