Shire of Dardanup

Meeting Dates

The Committee meets on the second Thursday of every second month.

Committee Membership

  • Shire of Dardanup Councillors
  • Engineering Department and Community Development team
  • Main Roads WA
  • RoadWise SW Road Safety Advisor
  • Dardanup Primary School representative
  • Police Department representative
  • Community representatives



  • 'Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids' bin sticker project which includes the placing the stickers on wheelie bins
  • Ferguson Valley Shared Road Use Project, targeting the relationship between motorists and cyclists. This includes road side signage and code of conduct. **Winner of 2010 Local Government Road Safety Awards
  • Ongoing promotion of safe system approach, including all four cornerstones through media, and displays at events and shopping centres
  • Use of speed display trailer
  • Advocacy for traffic calming and road upgrades within the Shire
  • Promotion of state wide campaigns, such as Road Ribbons for Road Safety campaign
  • Safe vehicle promotion through tyre thread gauge giveaways and publications
  • Advocacy for enhanced education to all novice drivers regarding regional and remote driving
  • Seniors road safety
  • Roll out of the Skipper Program to local hotels and pubs

Ferguson Valley Shared Road Use Project

Road Safety Advisor

Nicky Smith

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