Shire of Harvey

RoadWise is a permanent agenda item on the Shire of Harvey Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee.

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held approximately every eight weeks on a Tuesday.

Committee Membership

  • Shire of Harvey Councillors
  • Shire of Harvey Community Development Officer
  • WA Police representatives (Harvey/Australind/Yarloop)
  • WALGA RoadWise Road Safety Advisor (South West)
  • Community members and invited guests



The Shire of Harvey Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2017 to 2019 includes promoting road safety with key partners including a reduction in traffic offences.  

The Committee participates in regional campaigns that foster local community action such as the 'M8 the call can W8' bumper stickers and mobile phone use pledges.

The Committee also advocates for the implementation of safe urban traffic design and utilises community and police feedback to amend urban traffic design to limit opportunities for crashes.  The Committee considers urban traffic design during the planning stages of all new developments to deter opportunities for reckless, dangerous and inconsiderate driving, and support safe pedestrian and bike road use.

Road Safety Advisor

Nicky Smith

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