Shire of Murray

The Shire of Murray is within the South West region. If you would like to become involved in improving road safety in your local area, visit the Community Involvement page of this website.


The Shire of Murray Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2016 to 2021 includes promoting road safety messages with key partners including speeding, safe speeds, impaired driving and reviews crash data.

Safe Speeds are addressed through use of a number of Courtesy Speed Display Signs rotated on roads of concern around the Shire.

The Shire participates annually in the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.

For more information about community safety and crime prevention in the Shire of Murray, visit the Shire's website.




Pictured above: Shire of Murray Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategic Reference Group encouraging local communities to participate in the “Please Slow Down, Consider Our Kids” campaign (photo credit: Josh Cowling); The Reference Group showing support for the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign

Road Safety Advisor

Jacqui Sharp

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