Shire of Lake Grace

Meeting Dates

The Committee meets bi-monthly.

Committee Membership

  • Shire of Lake Grace
  • WA Police
  • WALGA's RoadWise Program
  • Primary Health Officers
  • District Education Officers
  • Lake Grace hospital
  • Representatives from the Lake King and Newdegate communities



  • Driver Reviver - Lake Grace is the proud owner of a Driver Reviver caravan, which is run each Christmas and Easter. The WA Police coordinates the operation and it is staffed by Lions Club members. The caravan was purchased with a Community Road Safety Grant and continues to target fatigue related road trauma.
  • Youth issues and the widespread problems of burnouts in the area - one of the suggested initiatives included the installation of a burnout pad so that people can have a specific area to do burnouts rather than the local streets. Solutions to the problem are currently in negotiations.
  • Speed alert mobile trailer - Lake Grace has recently acquired a trailer to be used in the local community throughout the year. The trailer was purchased through the Community Road Safety Grant program.

Lake Grace Driver Reviver caravan    Lake Grace speed display trailer

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