Road Safety Audits

"A road safety audit is defined as ‘a formal examination of a future road or traffic project or an existing road or road related area, in which an independent, qualified team reports on the project’s crash potential and actual safety performance respectively’.”

Austroads - Guide to Road Safety Part 6: Road Safety Audit 

Road works that include a Road Safety Audit during the design and/or development phase can be delivered with the confidence they are less likely to need future interventions and upgrades.

Ensuring this happens starts with a simple policy; implementation of that policy is easy when you have Accredited Road Safety Auditors active in your area.

Road Safety Auditor accreditation involves undertaking an Auditor training and qualification process which is a pre-requisite to being involved on a Road Safety Audit, The Road Safety Audit course consists of easy to navigate online modules and a half day practical module that covers all the knowledge and competencies required to be eligible to apply for accreditation as a Road Safety Auditor in Western Australia.

Formal examination of a proposed road project or an existing road through the Road Safety Audit process puts Local Governments on the front foot in improving safety and reducing expenditure.

More Information

For more information about Road Safety Audit Training and Accreditation, visit the Road Safety Audit Portal.