Making Roads Motorcycle Friendlymaking road

Motorcycle riders and their passengers are among our most vulnerable road users. While only making up around six per cent of WA's road users, motorcyclists account for more than 20 per cent of serious injuries and fatalities on WA's roads.

In response, WALGA together with Main Roads WA produced an adaptation of the Victoria Roads publication “Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly”. This publication can be downloaded from the Resources section of this website.

The publication was developed in consultation with the Western Australian Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Advisory Group and The Motorcycle Riders Association and includes information on:

  • why motorcyclists are at risk;
  • road design and construction considerations;
  • roadsides;
  • maintenance reinstatement considerations;
  • keeping road works safe.

Local Government Workshops

WALGA’s RoadWise has developed a Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Workshop for Local Government staff. The workshop aims to provide an outline on how roads can be designed, constructed and maintained to accommodate the vulnerabilities of motorcyclists.

As road managers, Local Governments play a significant role in planning, building and maintaining roads, and can have an impact on the reduction of risk and the likely hood of crashes. This workshop will outline the opportunities for Local Governments in making roads motorcycle friendly.

Local Governments interested in running the workshop for staff, contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor who can facilitate the workshop and provide further advice.

Further Information

For further information on motorcycle safety visit the Road Safety Commission's or the Motorcycle Riders Association.

Local Governments interested in implementing motorcycle friendly road design, construction and maintenance into work plan can contact their Regional Road Safety Advisor for further information.