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Free Coffee For Driver

Coffee Stop is a Western Australia program which has been operating since 1993. The Program involves roadhouses and service stations providing free coffee/tea to drivers, with the aim of reducing the incidence of driver fatigue amongst motorists travelling in Western Australia by encouraging drivers to take a break. Coffee Stop is a free service provided by the participating roadhouses/service stations to the community of Western Australia.

Driver fatigue has been recognised as a major contributing factor to road trauma in Western Australia. Coffee Stop provides an incentive for motorists to take a break from driving and therefore reduce the likelihood of fatigue related road trauma.

The Coffee Stop Program is coordinated through WALGA’s RoadWise with the cost of providing tea, instant coffee, sugar, milk and other materials met by the roadhouse/service station. Free coffee/tea is provided for the driver only, not for all passengers in the vehicle..

There are currently 24 Coffee Stop locations throughout the State. See Coffee Stop Locations for a complete list of providers.

Getting Involved

If your service station or roadhouse is interested in participating in the Coffee Stop Program, download a copy of the WA Coffee Stop Program Kit from the download form and contact your closest Road Safety Advisor for further information. 

Coffee Stop News

Welcome Collie Railway Cafe, located at 86 Throssell Street, Collie, who have signed up to participate in the WA Coffee Stop Program, providing motorists with another location in the South West to stop, take a break and enjoy a free cup of coffee.
Jeanette MacLaren-Hall, owner of the Collie Railway Cafe, said she and her team are excited to be a part of the Coffee Stop Program and helping to combat fatigue related road trauma.

Congratulations to BP Manjimup Service Station for their 15 years of commitment to road safety through participation in the Coffee Stop Program.

Located on Giblett Street, BP Manjimup Site Manager Malcom Pearce said that while there has been lots of growth and development in the Shire of Manjimup they were committed to providing ongoing awareness to target driver fatigue and how often they get return customers coming back for a free cup of coffee or tea and a chat.

Collie Railway Station Coffee Stop  BP Manjimup Service Station

Pictured above: Collie Railway Cafe owner, Jeanette MacLaren-Hall and BP Manjimup Service Station Manager, Malcom Pearce, proudly supporting Coffee Stop.

Coffee Stop Providers

Coffee Stop providers can order resources including posters and window stickers to help promote the fatigue message and their participation in the Program. Examples of these resources are pictured below.

To order the Coffee Stop Poster and Sticker, please complete the download form - selecting 'Hard Copy'.

Other fatigue and road safety promotional materials such as posters, brochures and litter bags are also available. Please contact your closest Road Safety Advisor for more information.

Coffee Stop Program Poster

Coffee Stop Poster

Coffee Stop Program Sticker Design

 Coffee Stop Sticker

 The facts about fatigue

  • There are many causes of fatigue, with driving for a long period of time seen as one of the key causes to fatigue-related road trauma.
  • There is a higher fatigue risk when driving at night time and on rural roads. The WA 10 Year Crash Statistics report showed that fatigue was a factor in more than double serious crashed on rural WA roads between the hours of midnight and 6.00am.[1]
  • The reaction time of a driver who has been awake for 17 – 19 hours is similar to the reaction time of a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05.[2]
  • Not sleeping for 20 – 25 hours will reduce a driver’s reaction time to the equivalent reaction time of someone with a BAC of 0.10.
  • Shift-workers are six times more likely to be involved in a fatigue-related road crash than other workers. Research shows that there are three times as many fatal accidents at work during the night shift (11pm – 7am) as during the day.[3]

[1] Road Safety Commission, 10 Year Crash Statistics, Report Volume 2 and 3 – October 2006, www.ors.wa.gov.au/Statistics-Research/10-Year-Crash-Statistics

[2] Road Safety Commission, Fatigue, https://rsc.wa.gov.au/Topics/Fatigue, 4 October 2016

[3] Road Safety Commission, Safer Shiftworkers. Safer Roads, https://rsc.wa.gov.au/Campaigns/Fatigue/ors-campaign-fatigue-publication-shiftworkers.aspx, May 2016.

Signs of fatigue

  • you begin to blink;
  • you start squinting;
  • you can’t stop yawning;
  • you have trouble keeping your head up;
  • your eyes close for a moment or go out of focus;
  • you have wandering, disconnected thoughts;
  • you find that you can’t remember driving the last few kilometres;
  • you miss a gear;
  • you miss a road sign or your exit;
  • you find you have slowed unintentionally;
  • you brake too late;
  • you drift over the centre line or on to the side of the road; or
  • you see ‘mirages’ ahead.

Tips for avoiding fatigue

  • It is recommended that we get an average of seven to eight hours continuous sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before going to sleep.
  • Plan your trip to ensure maximum attention to your driving. Try to schedule your trip so      driving takes place during daylight.
    • It is best to start your journey early and not drive late into the night.
  • Avoid long hours of driving, particularly at night and after working all day.
  • If possible share the driving; swap drivers every two hours, or every 200km, or if you feel tired.
  • If you are making a long journey, plan to stop overnight and get a full night’s rest.
  • When travelling a long distance, take regular breaks - get out of the car, walk around to stimulate blood circulation, have a cup of coffee or tea, drink plenty of fresh water and have something to eat. This is where the Coffee Stop Program can assist.
  • If you feel tired, take a ‘power nap’. You will feel the maximum benefit from 15-20 minutes of sleep.
  • Make sure the interior of your vehicle is well ventilated and not too warm. An overheated vehicle can make you drowsy.
  • Listen to music, talkback radio or talking books - anything to stimulate your mind.
  • Stop and eat at regular meal times to ensure you maintain your energy levels.

Coffee Stop Locations

Coffee Stop Locations
Bluff Knoll Cafe 8620 Chester Pass Road Amellup
Badgingarra Roadhouse (BP) 163 Meagher Drive Badgingarra
Boyanup General Store Lot 16 South Western Hwy Boyanup
Cadoux Traders 6 King Street Cadoux
Palms Roadhouse 199 North West Coast Hwy Carnarvon
Collie Railway Station 86 Throssell St Collie
Sizzles Deli 39 Throssell St Collie
Jacko's Roadhouse Lot 6 Great Eastern Hwy Cunderdin
Dowerin Roadhouse (Gull) 12 Goldfields Road Dowerin
BP Ngiyali Roadhouse Cnr Great Northern Hwy and Forrest Road Fitzroy Crossing
Kodja Place Precinct, The Kojonup Visitors Centre 143 Albany Hwy Kojonup
Doon Doon Roadhouse Great Northern Highway, 110km South of Kununurra Kununurra
Shell Kununurra Roadhouse Ivanhoe Rd Kununurra
Lake King Tavern/Motel Lot 165 Varley Rd Lake King
Shona Cannons, BP Laverton Roadhouse 203 Beria Road Laverton
BP Manjimup Service Station 96 Giblett St Manjimup
Caltex Meekatharra 64 Main St Meekatharra
Meckering Roadhouse 57 Great Eastern Hwy Meckering
Crudeli Autos (BP) 24 Maitland Rd Mullewa
Murchison Oasis Roadhouse Lot 3001 Carnarvon Mullewa Road Murchison
Capricorn Roadhouse Lot 10 Great Northern Hwy Newman
BP Roadhouse Great Eastern Hwy Southern Cross
Ampol Roadhouse Southern Cross Great Eastern Hwy Southern Cross
Tenterden Top-Up Cnr Albany Hwy and Brooking St Tenterden
Wickepin Community Resource Centre 24 Wogolin Rd Wickepin
El Caballo Roadhouse Lot 70 Great Eastern Hwy Wooroloo

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