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As owners of an extensive road network, Local Governments have an important role to play in road safety. Collectively, Local Governments manage 88% of the WA road network where almost two thirds of serious crashes occur. Local Governments are therefore in a position to significantly influence road safety outcomes.

WALGA’s RoadWise Program, founded in 1994, is the Local Government and Community Road Safety Program for Western Australia.

The aim of the Program is to engage Local Governments and communities in actions that support and contribute to the implementation of Towards Zero, the road safety strategy for WA 2008-2020. To achieve this aim, the Program supports Local Governments, community groups, local businesses and individuals to become involved in the community road safety network across Western Australia.

A team of regional and metropolitan based RoadWise staff assist members of the statewide community road safety network by promoting participation and community ownership; facilitating opportunities for local road safety leadership; supporting local road safety committees; providing access to resources and training; and sharing information, which all contribute to building the capacity of the network to make an effective contribution to preventing or reducing death or serious injury in Western Australia.

The RoadWise Program is supported by Local Governments and funded by the State Government through the Road Trauma Trust Account (speed and red light camera fines) and the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement (sourced from WA vehicle licensing fees).

WALGA’s RoadWise receives funding from the Road Trauma Trust Account, operated by the Road Safety Commission and approved by the Minister.

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