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RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - February 2018 26-Feb-2018
Blessing of the Roads Campaign 2018 26-Feb-2018
Child Car Restraint Update - Keeping Fresh 26-Feb-2018
Coral Bay Visitors Get a Road Safety Reminder 26-Feb-2018
City of Joondalup Upgrades Whitfords Avenue to Improve Road Safety for all Road Users 26-Feb-2018
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Remind Drivers to Slow Down in the City of Rockingham 26-Feb-2018
Exploring the Pilbara Road Network - Roads, Roads and More Roads 26-Feb-2018
Nannup Family Fun Day Highlights Restraint Use 26-Feb-2018
Five Star Cars in Demand in the Wheatbelt Region 26-Feb-2018
SLOMO - New Laws to Protect Roadside Emergency Workers 26-Feb-2018
Free Road Safety Storybook Encourages Schools to Talk About Road Safety 26-Feb-2018
Blessing of the Roads 2018 Campaign 13-Feb-2018
2017 Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Update 29-Jan-2018
M8 the Call Can W8 and #AvonLocalsDrivingChange Projects Win 29-Jan-2018
Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter Update - December 29-Jan-2018
WALGA's RoadWise Farewells Tiffany Brown 29-Jan-2018
City of Stirling Facilitates Lower Speed Limits in High Pedestrian Area 29-Jan-2018
Promoting the Slow Down Message at the Rockingham Fair 29-Jan-2018
City of Karratha Reminds Drivers About Speed Limits 29-Jan-2018
Taking Action Against Distraction at the Albany Show 29-Jan-2018
Denmark Sober Super Hero Project 29-Jan-2018
Pounding the Streets to Check Safety for Vulnerable Road Users 29-Jan-2018
Workplaces Focus on Road Safety in the Lead up to Christmas 29-Jan-2018
Wheels in Motion Campaign Launches in Busselton 29-Jan-2018
Big Trucks, Little People in Norseman 29-Jan-2018
Narembeen, Subiaco, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Katanning and Broome Show Local Support for the Road Ribbons for Road Safety® campaign 29-Jan-2018
Congratulations, 2017 Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Participants 29-Jan-2018
Farewell, Cherie Wallace 29-Jan-2018
New 'On the Road' Road Safety Booklet Launched by Road Safety Minister, The Hon Michelle Roberts MLA 29-Jan-2018
Motorcycle Friendly Crash Barriers Installed on Chittering Road 29-Jan-2018
City of Cockburn Team Target Driver Distraction 29-Jan-2018
Carnarvon RoadWise Committee Launches New Crash Car Trailer 29-Jan-2018
Katanning Multi Agency Random Breath Test (RBT) Reinforces Road Safety During the Festive Season 29-Jan-2018
Bridgetown-Greenbushes Primary Schools 'Cop-It-Sweet' 29-Jan-2018
Grant Secures New Variable Message Trailers for Cottesloe and Vincent 29-Jan-2018
Bremer Bay Market Day Targets Driver Fatigue and Drink Driving 29-Jan-2018
January Newsletter now available 18-Jan-2018
December Newsletter now available 21-Dec-2017
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 21-Nov-2017
Safe Speeds and Safe Towing at the Bunbury 4WD, Boating and Camping Expo 21-Nov-2017
Elephants Never Forget - Don’t Drive Tired 21-Nov-2017
Harvey Play Expo Display Targets Child Car Restraints 21-Nov-2017
Road Safety Goes to the Bull Creek Block Party 21-Nov-2017
Juniors Celebrate Children’s Week While Seniors Take to the Road 21-Nov-2017
Because Kids Are Worth Holding Onto... 21-Nov-2017
Two New Crash Car Trailers Launched in Wheatbelt South Region 21-Nov-2017
Bridgetown Mystery Tour of Life 21-Nov-2017
'Don’t Trust Your Tired Self' Message Promoted at Have a Go Day 21-Nov-2017
You're Invited to Participate in a Safe Vehicles Online Survey 21-Nov-2017
New Road Safety Audit Training Course and Portal Website Launched 21-Nov-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - November 2017 21-Nov-2017
WALGA RoadWise Joins Facebook 16-Nov-2017
Road Ribbon for Road Safety activities around the State 2-Nov-2017
New Road Safety Advisor (Metro North) 2-Nov-2017
2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference Expands Road Safety Horizons 26-Oct-2017
Planning a Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Activity? 26-Oct-2017
City of Fremantle Community Works Together For Safer Speeds 26-Oct-2017
Road Safety at the Toodyay Agricultural Show 26-Oct-2017
Car Shows Challenge Drivers to 'Bag it Up' and Slow Down in the Mid West 26-Oct-2017
Seniors Road Safety in the South West 26-Oct-2017
Blow Zero and Win at the Kalgoorlie Race Round 26-Oct-2017
New Type 1 Child Car Restraint Course in Albany 26-Oct-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - October edition 24-Oct-2017
WARSEC launch Directions 2017-2019 9-Oct-2017
Kununurra Traffic Stop a Success 28-Sep-2017
Working Together at the Mingenew Expo 28-Sep-2017
Promoting Restraint Use at the Northam Balloon Fiesta 28-Sep-2017
South West Industry Road Safety Alliance Members Present Collaborative Approach 28-Sep-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - September edition 26-Sep-2017
Are you Attending the Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC) at Crown Perth Next Month? 26-Sep-2017
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Encourage Drivers to Slow Down in Mundaring 26-Sep-2017
New Geographe Bay Regional RoadWise Road Safety Working Group's First Meeting 26-Sep-2017
Innovative Upgrade to Wongan Hills Parking Facilities to Address Safety Concerns 26-Sep-2017
A Big Coffee Stop Program Welcome to the Boyanup General Store 26-Sep-2017
Driver Reviver Volunteers Turning Ordinary Rest Stops into a Must Stop 26-Sep-2017
'Operation Measure' Targets Fatigue, Unroadworthy Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles in the Pilbara 26-Sep-2017
Wyalkatchem Golf Club Encourages Members to Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride 26-Sep-2017
Planning Out Fatigue at the Junction Races 26-Sep-2017
Motorcycle Safety at the Mundijong Fair 26-Sep-2017
Promoting the Activities of the Kalbarri RoadWise Committee 26-Sep-2017
WA Driver Reviver Success 14-Sep-2017
Road Ribbon for Road Safety 2017 13-Sep-2017
WALGA's RoadWise Achievements Report 2016-17 report is now available 31-Aug-2017
New safe speeds project to help prevent death and serious injury on Halls Creek roads 22-Aug-2017
'Vehicle Has Been Reported' Sticker Initiative Celebrated by Morawa RoadWise 21-Aug-2017
Working Together to Promote Safe Roads and Roadsides in Kununurra 21-Aug-2017
Promoting Road Safety Partnerships in the South West 21-Aug-2017
Keys for Life in Moora 21-Aug-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - August edition 17-Aug-2017
Coffee Stop News - August 2017 17-Aug-2017
Child Car Restraint Update - August 2017 17-Aug-2017
Farewell, Karen White 17-Aug-2017
Road Safety and TravelSmart Group Back at the City of Cockburn 17-Aug-2017
Rockingam's New Crash Trailer Encourages Drivers to Slow Down 17-Aug-2017
Promoting 5 Star Cars at the Narrogin Golf Cup 17-Aug-2017
Record Breaking Number of Drivers Stop to Revive 17-Aug-2017
Transafe WA’s 14th Road Transport Industry Safety Forum 31-Jul-2017
Dalwallinu Lions Club Driver Reviver Triumph 19-Jul-2017
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Available to Assist With Local Safe Speed and Speeding Initiatives 18-Jul-2017
Child Car restraint Update - July 2017 18-Jul-2017
Road Safety Network Members Come Together for Webinar 18-Jul-2017
Welcoming New Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters in the Mid West and Pilbara 18-Jul-2017
Save Our Country Kids (SOCK) Week Promotes Safe Road Use in Narembeen 18-Jul-2017
Towing Safely in the Gascoyne 18-Jul-2017
Driver Reviver Teams Out in Force for Fatigue Cause 18-Jul-2017
Hedland RoadWise Making a ‘Career’ of Road Safety 18-Jul-2017
Raising Awareness of the Dangers of Drink and Drug Driving at Bunbury's NAIDOC Family Fun Day 18-Jul-2017
New and Used Car Information for Library Visitors 18-Jul-2017
Great Southern Road Safety Conference 2017 18-Jul-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - July edition 18-Jul-2017
Save Our Country Kids (SOCK) Week 30-Jun-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - June edition 20-Jun-2017
Join us at the Australasian Road Safety Conference 20-Jun-2017
Targeting Travel Speeds and Encouraging Safe Driving in the City of Mandurah 20-Jun-2017
Kalbarri Road Trauma Prevention Day 20-Jun-2017
One Arm Point Basketball Tournament Urges Drivers to Belt Up 20-Jun-2017
Blessing the Roads and More at Tropicool 20-Jun-2017
Bringing together Neighbourhood Watch and Safe Vehicles 20-Jun-2017
Councils Join Forces to Check and Fit Resident’s Child Car Restraints 20-Jun-2017
Toodyay RoadWise Committee Target Unsecure Loads at Moondyne 2017 20-Jun-2017
Hedland RoadWise Championing Community Road Safety in the Pilbara 20-Jun-2017
Northam Senior Citizen's Indoor Bowls Club Slows Down and Enjoys the Ride 20-Jun-2017
Shedders Revive Drivers on WA Day Long Weekend 20-Jun-2017
Bindoon's 'Wear Ya Wellies' Event Reminds Visitors to Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride 20-Jun-2017
Driver Reviver Operations - WA Day 29-May-2017
Join us for a workplace road safety event on 27 June 22-May-2017
Child Car Restraint Update - May 2017 16-May-2017
Safety Improvements on Dampier Highway 16-May-2017
Turn It Off, Bag It Up! Will You Take the Pledge? 16-May-2017
Driver Reviver Operations Help Combat Fatigue 16-May-2017
The Cities of Stirling, Swan and Wanneroo help holiday drivers stay safe 16-May-2017
Consulting the Stars at Angelo Street Markets 16-May-2017
Meet Kal, the Kalbarri RoadWise Road Safety Mascot 16-May-2017
'Avon Locals Driving Change' Campaign Engages Wheatbelt Community 16-May-2017
Changing of the Guard at Toodyay RoadWise Committee 16-May-2017
RoadWise Committee Profile: Suzanne Reeves, Lake Grace RoadWise Committee 16-May-2017
Albany Easter Fatigue Road Stop 16-May-2017
Horns and Hooves Campaign Helps International Visitors 16-May-2017
Cranbrook on Show 16-May-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - May edition now available 16-May-2017
Child car restraint requirements in Western Australia 15-May-2017
National Road Safety Week in Cranbrook 11-May-2017
Road Safety Week in pictures 11-May-2017
Congratulations John Crompton 4-Apr-2017
The 2017 Australian Road Safety Awards have been announced 28-Mar-2017
Road Safety Commission’s newsletter now available (March edition) 28-Mar-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - March edition now available 27-Mar-2017
Welcome Nicky Smith! 14-Mar-2017
New event kits available - Road safety events in May 7-Mar-2017
Tenterden Top-Up Coffee Stop Interview 7-Mar-2017
February 2017 - RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 7-Mar-2017
City of Swan Asks Locals: "How Safe is Your Car?" 7-Mar-2017
Road Ribbon for Road Safety 2016 Campaign Report 28-Feb-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - January edition available 6-Feb-2017
Do you have a road safety project or initiative you’d like to showcase 6-Feb-2017
2017 Blessing of the Roads campaign resources now available 3-Feb-2017
Kalbarri RoadWise Committee Gets Ready for Action 19-Jan-2017
Road Safety All Year Round 19-Jan-2017
RoadWise case studies - find out more about us! 24-Nov-2016
Check out the Esperance RoadWise Committee’s new ‘Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride’ video 17-Nov-2016
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - November edition available 17-Nov-2016
Remembering Ron Smith 17-Nov-2016
Child Car Restraint Update - November 2016 17-Nov-2016
Road Safety Initiative Clinches State Award 1-Nov-2016
New Driver Reviver Partner 18-Oct-2016
Welcome Cherie Wallace 18-Oct-2016
WAM Wheatbelt Touring Circuit dates - October 2016 4-Oct-2016
September newsletter now available 20-Sep-2016
Congratulations Ryan Gibson 18-Aug-2016
Rejuvenated Committee Ready to Tackle Road Safety 18-Aug-2016
Child car restraint update 18-Aug-2016
#NoTxtNoWrecks message promoted 18-Aug-2016
August edition of the RoadWise newsletter is now available 16-Aug-2016
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - July edition 28-Jul-2016
What's in a slogan? 28-Jul-2016
2016 Great Southern Road Safety Conference celebrates regional achievements 28-Jul-2016
Road safety lights up in Newman 28-Jul-2016
Carnarvon RoadWise Committee consults the stars 28-Jul-2016
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - June edition now available 23-Jun-2016
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - May edition now available 24-May-2016
Celebrating the RoadWise Network 11-May-2016
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - April edition now available 21-Apr-2016
Blessing of the Roads Campaign Wrap Up 21-Apr-2016
Celebrating the RoadWise network 21-Apr-2016
Blessing of the Roads event list 15-Mar-2016
Kalgoorlie-Boulder RoadWise urges everyone to share the roads 15-Mar-2016
Short break helps 200+ drivers avoid fatigue 10-Mar-2016
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - February edition now available 16-Feb-2016
Help us bless the roads in 2016 16-Feb-2016
2016 Local Government Road Safety Award winners 12-Feb-2016
January RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 20-Jan-2016
Thank your to the Waroona Driver Reviver team 15-Jan-2016
Join us at the 2016 WA Transport and Roads Forum 15-Jan-2016
Choose Your Ride in the Kimberley region and Northam 22-Dec-2015
Showcasing the Wanneroo RoadWise Committee 22-Dec-2015
New Road Safety Auditor for the RoadWise Program 20-Nov-2015
Students get creative to promote seat belt safety 20-Nov-2015
Kununurra child car restraints checked 20-Nov-2015
RoadWise Committees and police working together to reduce drink driving in Gosnells and Armadale 20-Nov-2015
Swan RoadWise Committee promotes Motorcycle Safety Week 2015 20-Nov-2015
St Mary's Primary School gala movie night promotes the 'belt up' message 20-Nov-2015
Tackling motorcycle safety in the Wheatbelt North 20-Nov-2015
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® 2015 campaign events 13-Nov-2015
WALGA RoadWise Program receives Australasian Road Safety Conference Award 27-Oct-2015
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® 2015 campaign 27-Oct-2015
Enjoy the ride poem 9-Oct-2015
How well do you know your road rules? 9-Oct-2015
Showcasing the Swan RoadWise Committee 15-Sep-2015
Enjoy the ride at the right pace 15-Sep-2015
Recognising Albany's Michael Calton and the Coolgardie Men in Sheds 15-Sep-2015
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - September 2015 15-Sep-2015
"I slow down..." campaign 1-Sep-2015
Award nominations are now open! 14-Aug-2015
Great Southern Road Safety Conference 14-Aug-2015
Register for the Great Southern Road Safety Conference 19-Jun-2015
New Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters 19-Jun-2015
Esperance footballers spread the "belt up" message 19-Jun-2015
Road safety at TropiCool 19-Jun-2015
Testing standard drink knowledge in Cranbrook 19-Jun-2015
Kalgoorlie Boulder race round - drink driving, it's never okay 19-Jun-2015
Denmark Fatigue Stop competition winner announced 19-Jun-2015
Drivers take a break on the long weekend 19-Jun-2015
Road safety events, conferences and resources 19-Jun-2015
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter May 2015 19-May-2015
Stirling and Swan join forces with the RAC to host a free vehicle safety and child car restraint (CCR) checking station 19-May-2015
Shrire of Serpentine Jarrahdale displays dangers of driver distraction 19-May-2015
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter April 2015 24-Apr-2015
Rest areas and roadside amenities guide 24-Apr-2015
Helping students get to grip with public transport 24-Apr-2015
Nominations for the Constable Care Child Safety Awards 2015 are now open 24-Apr-2015
Belt Up. You're worth holding onto 24-Apr-2015
New RoadWise resource: Safe Roads and Roadsides Resource Kit 21-Apr-2015
You’re worth holding onto. Belt up this Easter long weekend 1-Apr-2015
Safe System Toolkit – assisting implementation of the safe system approach to road safety in Local Government 23-Mar-2015
‘Child Car Restraints – an Introduction’ - online training available 23-Mar-2015
Metropolitan road safety display trailer gets a revamp 23-Mar-2015
Hedland RoadWise farewells road safety stalwart 23-Mar-2015
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter March 2015 17-Mar-2015
Current road safety happenings at WALGA – March 2015 13-Mar-2015
Austroads Safe System Roads for Local Government project – site nomination request 6-Mar-2015
Join us for UN Road Safety Week – 4-10 May 2015 3-Mar-2015
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter February 2015 17-Feb-2015
Government of Western Australia’s Road Safety Community Grants Program 17-Feb-2015
Welcome Tiffany Brown 17-Feb-2015
Road Safety Council recognises Cr Steve Martin 30-Jan-2015
Get involved in the 2015 Blessing of the Roads campaign 30-Jan-2015
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter 27-Jan-2015
New RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter 27-Jan-2015
Road Ribbons for Road Safety campaign overview 27-Jan-2015
Safe Speed Workshop 22-Oct-2014
Local Government joins forces to raise awareness of driver distraction 2-Sep-2014
Preventing distracted driving is a team effort 30-Jul-2014
Targeting driver distraction 22-Jul-2014
An Easter blessing for road safety in the City 15-May-2014
City of Greater Geraldton to encourage children to walk to school from early age 28-Mar-2014
City of Melville committed to reducing traffic speeds 27-Mar-2014
Shire of Kalamunda raises awareness of the dangers of driver distraction 25-Mar-2014
Congratulations to City of Armadale on 20-year commitment to road safety 21-Mar-2014
Atlas Iron building a road safety culture 19-Mar-2014
Blessing of the Roads 17-Mar-2014
2014 Local Government Road Safety Awards 17-Mar-2014
Stronger RoadWise Presence in Wheatbelt South 14-Mar-2014
Road Safety Round-Up Newsletter - March 2014 12-Mar-2014
Essential road crash support service delivers comfort and hope 5-Mar-2014
Plan to drink, plan not to drive in the Shire of Chittering 3-Mar-2014
Driver Reviver revived and rolling on! 28-Feb-2014

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