RoadWise Recognised

RoadWise Recognised is an initiative designed to encourage, guide and motivate RoadWise Councils’ towards better practice in managing road safety performance on the local road network.

Based on the RoadWise Framework, RoadWise Councils will be awarded Points and Ribbons highlighting their rounded approach to road safety and application of better practice in the planning and delivery of effective interventions and the adoption of a holistic approach to road safety.

RoadWise Recognised also supports continual monitoring and benchmarking and helps facilitate the sharing of knowledge through showcasing of better practice and the road safety achievements of each RoadWise Council. 

The process of capturing local action for road safety, for the RoadWise Recognised initiative provides greater insights into:

  • the contribution that Local Governments are making to the State’s road safety objectives,
  • the barriers and enablers for Local Governments’ involvement, and
  • a clearer understanding of the gaps in capacity and capability to deliver road safety outcomes for the WA community.

How it Works

Throughout the year, RoadWise Councils will be awarded Points for each road safety activity or intervention undertaken as per the RoadWise Framework. Points are allocated based on the effectiveness, longevity and scale of the road safety activity and takes into account the capacity of the Local Government. An increase in Points over time indicates progress towards better road safety practices.

Annually, RoadWise Council’s will be awarded Ribbons, highlighting their holistic approach to road safety, aligned to systems thinking. Ribbons will be awarded to a maximum of five and will re-set each year.

To ensure this process is objective, equitable and transparent, a panel of independent specialists oversee the RoadWise Recognised initiative.