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After-Market Anchorage Points

Occasionally, vehicles require additional child car restraint anchorage points, or some older sedans, wagons commercial vehicles and 4WD vehicles may not have child car restraint anchorage points installed.

If new or additional child car restraint anchorage points are required (called aftermarket anchorage points), they must be installed in accordance with statutory vehicle safety requirements.

All aftermarket anchorage points are required to either be:

  • installed by a Type 2 Fitting Station officer. A modification plate will be issued, or
  • checked by a Type 2 Fitting Station officer or at an Authorised Inspection Station (for an existing modification). A modification permit will be issued.

The Vehicle Safety Branch of the Department of Transport authorises both Type 2 Fitting Stations and Authorised Inspection Stations.

Businesses interested in becoming a Type 2 Fitting Station can contact the Department of Transport on 131 156 or email

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