Courtesy Speed Display Signs sign

WALGA’s RoadWise has purchased two sets of courtesy speed display signs (CSDS) for Local Governments to borrow.

CSDS are designed to detect and show the speed of an approaching vehicle together with a pre-programmed message that is displayed to the driver of the vehicle (e.g. the current vehicle speed in km/h with a message such as “too fast, slow down” or a symbol such as a smiley face).

The CSDS support local ‘safe speed’ and/or ‘safe road use’ activities.              

  • Safe road use – the integration of a behaviour maintenance/change strategies, with positive and negative reinforcement of speed choice by drivers.
  • Safe speeds – applying a combination of speed management strategies (for example, traffic calming treatments or targeted speed limit reductions) to create appropriate speed environments that will eliminate or minimise the severity of injury resulting from the transfer of energy in a crash.

Encouraging Behaviour Change and Influencing Travel Speeds

The CSDS can assist Local Governments to:

  1. address elements of safe road use by encouraging behaviour maintenance or behaviour change in relation to speeding along with support for speed enforcement activity by local police, and
  2. support their own local area speed management treatments/works or speed limit changes by Main Roads WA to positively influence travel speeds across the network.

More Information

For more information on borrowing the CSDS, email RoadWise;