What We Do

As a part of WALGA, the peak industry body for Local Governments in WA, RoadWise works with Local Governments and communities in rural, remote and metropolitan WA to:

  • engage them in strategic and sustainable initiatives to ingrain or mainstream the safe system approach,
  • inform, facilitate and mobilise community support and local action for road safety, and
  • foster and support collaborative partnerships to improve road safety in metropolitan, rural, remote communities across the state.

We also work to build support for the safe system approach to road safety, which acknowledges that the human body is vulnerable and needs protecting. The focus is on protecting people so that if they are involved in a crash, they won’t be killed or seriously injured, no matter how they travel (walk, drive, ride or cycle).

How do we do this?

We use a capacity-building approach to provide advice, support, tools and training and other services which are designed to engage, inform and mobilise the Local Government and community road safety network to take action to reduce road deaths and serious injury.

Find out how to get involved:

Contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor to discuss how your organisation can work with WALGA's RoadWise to prevent road trauma, by adopting safe system policy and practice.