Local Government Showcase - City of Wanneroo

Published on Friday, 8 July 2022 at 1:41:00 PM

As part of their speed program, the speed trailer initiative is used on local streets which have an identified speed issue to remind drivers to slow down and drive to the speed limit. The trailer provides immediate results for a driver, showing a message to encourage driving at safe speeds on local streets. The digital screen of the trailer shows the speed zone of that road, as a driver approaches, if they are travelling at a safe speed the screen will flash the travelling speed of that vehicle. If a driver is approaching faster than the speed limit a message reminding them to slow down is displayed. Providing drivers with instant visual cues for whether they are driving to the speed limit or not.

This is one of many initiatives the City of Wanneroo has been using to raise awareness of road safety and engage the community to remind drivers to travel at safe speeds on local roads.

To find out more, and how WALGA can assist your Local Governments with developing and implementing a safe speeds program, visit our Road Safety in Your Area page.

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