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Local Government Showcase – Shire of Dardanup 22-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – City of South Perth 22-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – City of Albany 21-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – Shire of Esperance 20-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – City of Subiaco 20-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – Shires of Dardanup, Esperance and Manjimup 19-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – City of Vincent 18-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – Shire of Harvey 17-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – City of Gosnells 17-May-2022
Local Government Showcase – City of Fremantle 16-May-2022
National Road Safety Week 2022 15-May-2022
New WALGA Road Safety Management Systems Service 17-Feb-2022
Thank you: Cr Len Handasyde 17-Feb-2022
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign 2021 Wrap Up 17-Feb-2022
Blessing of the Roads Campaign 2022 17-Feb-2022
Road Safety Audit Course – Available Online Now 17-Feb-2022
Northam Promotes 'Belt Up' Message 17-Feb-2022
Southern Cross - The First Driver Reviver Operation 17-Feb-2022
Back to School Seatbelt Campaign Launched 17-Feb-2022
Shadows of Summer Campaign 17-Feb-2022
Children's Crossing Traffic Warden Positions Available 17-Feb-2022
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 15-Feb-2022
Local Government Road Safety Awards - Save the Dates 10-Feb-2022
Updated Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 6 – Road Safety Audit 1-Feb-2022
RoadWise Network Survey Report 2020 21-Jan-2022
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 21-Dec-2021
Local Government History in the Future 21-Dec-2021
WALGA State Council Shows Ribbon Support 2-Dec-2021
E-ribbon puts Road Ribbon Campaign in the Driver’s Seat 23-Nov-2021
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 25-Oct-2021
Welcome: Jo, Viv, Beki and Philip 25-Oct-2021
Leadership in Road Safety Management Demonstration Project Update 25-Oct-2021
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign 2021 25-Oct-2021
City of Albany Celebrates Road Safety Award for Middleton Beach Road Connectivity Project 25-Oct-2021
Shared Path Addresses Key Road Safety Issue in Kununurra 25-Oct-2021
Wheatbelt Initiatives Target Fatigue and Drink Driving 25-Oct-2021
Harvest Breakfast Remind Drivers About the Dangers of Fatigue and Distraction 25-Oct-2021
WALGA RoadWise Achievements Report 2020-21 12-Oct-2021
Help Develop a New Driver Reviver Drink 11-Oct-2021
Local Government Road Safety Awards Recognise Innovation and Leadership 21-Sep-2021
Media Release: Safety Ratings for Local Roads 27-Aug-2021
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter 19-Aug-2021
Would you Like to Provide Child Car Restraint Advice to your Networks and Community? 19-Aug-2021
Calling Type 1 Child Car Restraint (CCR) Fitters 19-Aug-2021
Towards a Safe System Workforce Development Grants 19-Aug-2021
Congratulations, Save Our Country Kids (SOCK) Week Organisers and Participants 19-Aug-2021
International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) Animations Promote Lower Speed Environments 19-Aug-2021
New: FAQ Friday on Facebok 13-Aug-2021
Apply Now - Road Safety Community Grants 6-Jul-2021
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter 18-Jun-2021
Transport and Roads Forum - New Date 4-May-2021
Road Safety Performance Reports 2014-18 Now Available 22-Mar-2021
New Fact Sheet Available 8-Mar-2021
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter 16-Feb-2021
RoadWise Farewells and Welcomes 16-Feb-2021
New Report Available: High Occupancy Vehicle Survey 16-Feb-2021
Speed Limit Review Brings Safety Change for High Pedestrian Areas 16-Feb-2021
Pedestrian Priority Precinct a Safe System Approach 16-Feb-2021
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 15-Dec-2020
WALGA State Council Shows Road Ribbon Support 7-Dec-2020
Safe System Demonstration Project 7-Dec-2020
Road Ribbons in the Regions 23-Nov-2020
Driving Change – Road Safety Strategy for Western Australia 2020 – 2030 16-Nov-2020
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign 13-Nov-2020
WALGA RoadWise Achievements Report 2019-20 3-Nov-2020
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 23-Oct-2020
New Fact Sheet Available 23-Oct-2020
Great Southern Road Safety Forum 16-Oct-2020
WALGA RoadWise Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign 2020 29-Sep-2020
‘Growing Safer Roads, Together’ 24-Jul-2020
Narembeen SOCK Week 2020 24-Jul-2020
'Tuned Up for What?' in the City of Stirling 24-Jul-2020
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Residents Reminded to Stop, Rest, Survive 24-Jul-2020
City of Greater Geraldton Planning Safe Active Streets Program 24-Jul-2020
National Black Spot Funded Works Commence in Plantagenet 24-Jul-2020
Working Towards Safe Speeds in Waroona 24-Jul-2020
Don’t Zoom in Broome 24-Jul-2020
New Road Rules and Safe Driving Resource Quiz Available 24-Jul-2020
Marketing Road Safety in Carnarvon 24-Jul-2020
Save the Date: 2020 Great Southern Road Safety Forum 24-Jul-2020
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 21-Jul-2020
June RoadWise Newsletter 25-Jun-2020
2021 Local Government Road Safety Awards 22-Jun-2020
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter now available 26-May-2020
#RoadWiseInTheRegions Campaign 26-May-2020
Child Car Restraint Update 26-May-2020
Stirling Road Safety Advisory Group Meeting in New Ways 26-May-2020
'Flattening the Curves' in Toodyay and Chittering 26-May-2020
City of Melville Celebrates Public Works Engineering Australia (WA) Award Win 26-May-2020
City of Bunbury Black Spot Project Complete 26-May-2020
New 'Stop, Revive, Survive' Signage Targets Fatigue in the Great Southern 26-May-2020
We're working (and meeting) virtually 8-May-2020
Events, Meeting and Training Update 17-Mar-2020
Blessing of the Roads Campaign Update 17-Mar-2020
Blessing of the Roads 2020 28-Feb-2020
#AvonLocalsDrivingChange Campaign 28-Feb-2020
Cranbrook Driver Reviver Team Revives Drivers 28-Feb-2020
Nannup Family Fun Day Promotes the Distance of Distraction 28-Feb-2020
City of Swan Rewarding Sober Drivers 28-Feb-2020
Great Southern Community Groups Promote Road Safety Messages 28-Feb-2020
Mystery Tour of Life Wins Award 28-Feb-2020
Carnarvon RoadWise Towing in WA Project 28-Feb-2020
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Wraps Up 23-Jan-2020
Driver Reviver Operators Gear Up for Australia Day Long Weekend 23-Jan-2020
Road Safety Week Resource Kit Now Available 23-Jan-2020
City of Canning Opens First Smart Street 23-Jan-2020
State Traffic Police Open Day 23-Jan-2020
Community Volunteers Put Road Safety in the Headlines in Mount Barker 23-Jan-2020
Belt Up Improves Safety On and Off the Pitch 23-Jan-2020
Storms, Bushfires…What Hazards Are Ahead? 23-Jan-2020
New Roads and Transport Podcast 23-Jan-2020
January Newsletter now available 21-Jan-2020
Five Star Cars on Show at the Topdrill St Barbara’s Parade 23-Dec-2019
Share the Road Down South 23-Dec-2019
Mid West Vehicle Safety Checking Day 23-Dec-2019
Using Art as a Vehicle for Change 23-Dec-2019
Vehicle Safety Checked in the City of Swan 23-Dec-2019
Community Road and Path Safety Campaign Launched 23-Dec-2019
Community Grants Applications Now Open - National Road Safety Week 2020 23-Dec-2019
The RoadWise team would like to wish members of the RoadWise road safety network a very happy and safe Christmas 23-Dec-2019
December Newsletter now available 13-Dec-2019
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Update 13-Dec-2019
Road Ribbons Around the State 13-Dec-2019
Child Car Restraint Update 13-Dec-2019
Talking About the Impact Road Trauma in the Kimberley Region 13-Dec-2019
Road Safety Advocacy in Chittering  13-Dec-2019
New Chair for Hedland Community Road Safety Group 13-Dec-2019
Reminding Drivers to Slow Down during Harvest 13-Dec-2019
Joining Forces to Work Towards Zero in Harrisdale 13-Dec-2019
WALGA State Council shows support 9-Dec-2019
Denmark Sober Super Hero Campaign: 2019 Campaign Winner and Award Finalist 21-Nov-2019
Road Safety Boost for Shire of Murray 21-Nov-2019
November Newsletter now available 19-Nov-2019
Simple Road Ribbon, Serious Road Safety Message 15-Nov-2019
Great Southern Road Safety Conference Wraps Up for 2019 1-Nov-2019
September / October Newsletter now available 28-Oct-2019
Sharing Western Australian Local Government Experiences in Road Safety 28-Oct-2019
City of Rockingham Plans its Way Towards Zero 28-Oct-2019
Promoting 5-star Cars at the York Motor Show 28-Oct-2019
Working Together to Revive Drivers in Karratha 28-Oct-2019
Road Safety on Show in Yilgarn 28-Oct-2019
Bunbury Live Lighter Seniors Activity and Information Day 28-Oct-2019
Cycle Shops Promote 'Share the Road' Campaign in Albany 28-Oct-2019
City of Gosnells Students Using Art to Engage Peers in Road Safety 28-Oct-2019
Targeting Fatigue at Events Across the Great Southern Region 28-Oct-2019
Gosnells RoadWise Stalwarts Recognised at 2019 Burt Volunteer Awards 28-Oct-2019
It’s time to order your free Road Ribbon for Road Safety®! 28-Oct-2019
WALGA RoadWise Road Safety Workshop Series - Event Two 16-Oct-2019
WALGA RoadWise Achievements Report 2018-19 7-Oct-2019
Register for the free SDERA leavers parent event 7-Oct-2019
Showcasing WALGA’s RoadWise 20-Sep-2019
Invitation: WALGA RoadWise Road Safety Workshop Series 17-Sep-2019
New Fact Sheet Available 6-Sep-2019
August Newsletter now available 22-Aug-2019
Cycling Consultation Forum 15-Aug-2019
Great Southern Road Safety Conference 2019 15-Aug-2019
How can we better protect all road users? 4-Jul-2019
June Newsletter now available 18-Jun-2019
Local Government Road Asset and Expenditure Report 2017-18 Now Available 17-Jun-2019
Recognising Contributions in Halls Creek 17-Jun-2019
'Blow Zero and Win' in Northam 17-Jun-2019
City of Busselton Launches Shared Path for National Walk Safely to School Day 17-Jun-2019
Drivers Revived Along the Gibb River Road 17-Jun-2019
Free Vehicle Safety Checks to the Community 17-Jun-2019
Thank you - Driver Reviver and Coffee Stop 6-Jun-2019
Blessing of the Roads - That's a Wrap for 2019 21-May-2019
Embracing the Global and National Road Safety Week 21-May-2019
Child Car Restraints Checked Across the South West 21-May-2019
Don't Push it - Ride to Stay Alive 21-May-2019
Koorda Backpackers Learn Aussie Road Rules 21-May-2019
Nomination for Regional Awards Now Open 21-May-2019
Road Safety on the Road to Northam 21-May-2019
Albany Fatigue Stop 2019 21-May-2019
The Grove Library Asks for Road Safety Tips 21-May-2019
How Safe is the Caravan? 21-May-2019
Wyalkatchem Fair Draws a Crowd 21-May-2019
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - May 2019 21-May-2019
Recognising Our Network During National Volunteer Week 16-May-2019
Child Car Restraint Update - April 2019 23-Apr-2019
City of Vincent Speed Trial Commencement 23-Apr-2019
Zero Road Trauma is the Answer this Easter in the South West 23-Apr-2019
Locals Driving Change in Northam 23-Apr-2019
Promoting Safe Vehicles at Hello Manning 23-Apr-2019
Young Bike Riders Pledge to Wear Helmets in Carnarvon 23-Apr-2019
Road Safety Award Nominations Now Open 23-Apr-2019
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - April 2019 18-Apr-2019
Looking for your next career move? 4-Apr-2019
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - March 2019 21-Mar-2019
Are you getting involved in Blessing of the Roads? 18-Mar-2019
Recognising Volunteers in Your Local Community 18-Mar-2019
New Look WALGA RoadWise Vehicles Reflect Importance of Road Safety Network 18-Mar-2019
Drivers Stop to Revive With Driver Reviver 18-Mar-2019
Working Together to Blow Zero in Moora 18-Mar-2019
Road Safety Promoted at the City of Perth Depot 18-Mar-2019
Out and About with the Kalgoorlie-Boulder RoadWise Committee 18-Mar-2019
Mandurah RoadWise Blow Zero Campaign 14-Mar-2019
M8 the Call Can W8 14-Mar-2019
Blessing of the Roads Campaign 2019 26-Feb-2019
City of Joondalup to Upgrade Hepburn Avenue 26-Feb-2019
A Coordinated Approach in Kalbarri 26-Feb-2019
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Available for Loan 26-Feb-2019
National Volunteers Week 2019 25-Feb-2019
New Kit available - Road Safety Week 2019 19-Feb-2019
February Newsletter now available 19-Feb-2019
Have Your Say on the New Road Safety Strategy 14-Feb-2019
Congratulations Road Ribbon participants 22-Jan-2019
City of Wanneroo Endorses Cycle Plan 22-Jan-2019
Dandaragan Decorates Gates 22-Jan-2019
New Guard in Carnarvon 22-Jan-2019
January Newsletter now available 22-Jan-2019
Dowerin Acknowledges First Responders 22-Jan-2019
New Vision Zero and Safe System Fact Sheets 17-Jan-2019
Reflecting on 50 Years of Road Safety 17-Jan-2019
40km/hr Speed Trial in the City of Vincent 20-Dec-2018
City of Gosnells: Remembering Road Crash Victims 18-Dec-2018
Health Promotion Course Participants Help Make Zero the Hero 18-Dec-2018
Is Santa Buying you a Safer Vehicle this Christmas? 18-Dec-2018
Road Ribbons for Road Safety® on Display at the St Barbara's Parade 18-Dec-2018
New Vehicle Has Been Reported Fact Sheet Now Available 18-Dec-2018
City of Swan Provides Free Vehicle Safety Checks 18-Dec-2018
Secondhand Sally Moooving in... 18-Dec-2018
Northam RSL Promotes 'Don't Drive Tired' 18-Dec-2018
Beachcombers Club Promotes Fatigue Prevention 18-Dec-2018
Christmas Wishes from WALGA's RoadWise 18-Dec-2018
Communities Making Road Safety the Hero 18-Dec-2018
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 26-Nov-2018
Congratulations, Narembeen Community Resource Centre (CRC) 26-Nov-2018
Transport and Roads Forum Highlights 26-Nov-2018
Ride Along Tour of the City of Stirling Bicycle Boulevard (Safe Active Streets) 26-Nov-2018
City of Melville Uses Courtesy to Remind Drivers to Slow Down 26-Nov-2018
South West RYDE Project Launched 26-Nov-2018
Orontide: Promoting Road Safety Across the Pilbara, Metropolitan and South West Regions 26-Nov-2018
Augusta 'Save Our Country Kids' Road Safety Week 26-Nov-2018
Morning School Zone Time Change Welcomed 26-Nov-2018
Carnarvon Kids put their Mark on Seatbelts 26-Nov-2018
New Child Car Restraint Brochure Available in Twenty-Four Languages 26-Nov-2018
Road Safety on Display at the Harvey Rotary Lawn Mower Challenge 26-Nov-2018
Wheatbelt Events Target Driver Fatigue 26-Nov-2018
Kimberley 'See and Be Seen' Signs Can Now be Seen 26-Nov-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - November 2018 20-Nov-2018
New Report Available 6-Nov-2018
Esperance Emergency Services Day 25-Oct-2018
Welcome Murchison Oasis Roadhouse to the Coffee Stop Program 25-Oct-2018
Dardanup Primary School Childrens' Road Safety Display 25-Oct-2018
Ladies Day Race Goers Reminded: Drink Driving is Never Okay 25-Oct-2018
Apex Club of Bunbury Koombana Helps Revive Tired Drivers 25-Oct-2018
Bunbury RoadWise at the Live Lighter Seniors Expo 25-Oct-2018
Used Car Safety Rating Brochure Now Available 25-Oct-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - October 2018 22-Oct-2018
Congratulations to the Narembeen CRC! 22-Oct-2018
Congratulations to the 2018 Local Government Road Safety Award Recipients! 16-Oct-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - October 2018 9-Oct-2018
Transport and Roads Forum 2018 8-Oct-2018
Local People Taking Action to Reduce Local Road Trauma 2-Oct-2018
New Fact Sheet Available 1-Oct-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - September 2018 28-Sep-2018
Read about RoadWise achievements during 2017-18 28-Sep-2018
Working together - Driver Reviver and Coffee Stop 28-Sep-2018
New Child Car Restraint Type 1 Fitters in the Pilbara 28-Sep-2018
Morning school zone time change welcomed 28-Sep-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - August edition 23-Aug-2018
Child Car Restraint Update - August 2018 23-Aug-2018
Promoting the Vision of Zero Deaths and Serious Injuries at the Local Government Convention 2018 23-Aug-2018
Manea Senior College and St John Ambulance Road Safety Expo 2018 23-Aug-2018
The Gosnells RoadWise Committee and the Community - Working Together Towards Zero Deaths and Serious Injuries 23-Aug-2018
Safe Vehicle News 23-Aug-2018
Six New Murals Paint a Picture of Road Safety in the Wheatbelt 23-Aug-2018
South West NAIDOC Week Events Incorporate Road Safety Messages 23-Aug-2018
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Available to Assist With Local Safe Speed and Speeding Initiatives 23-Aug-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - July 2018 17-Jul-2018
Local Government Road Safety Awards - Don't Miss Your Chance to Nominate 16-Jul-2018
Paraburdoo Volunteer Fire and Rescue Team: Welcome to the Driver Reviver Family! 16-Jul-2018
Recognising Northam's Jeanne Lawler 16-Jul-2018
Have Your Say in the WA Government's Motorcycle Survey 16-Jul-2018
Wheatbelt Football Clubs Join Forces to Promote the 'Belt Up' Restraint Use Message 16-Jul-2018
The Grove Library Reminds the Community: Distracted Drivers are Dangerous 16-Jul-2018
City of Swan Reminds Drivers to Slow Down 16-Jul-2018
Denmark RoadWise Committee's Sober Super Hero Campaign Wraps for Another Year 16-Jul-2018
The Safe System in Ten Minutes or Less 16-Jul-2018
Great Southern Road Safety Leaders' Breakfast 16-Jul-2018
Country Men’s Hockey Championships Focus on Driver Fatigue 16-Jul-2018
Safe Roads and Roadsides Treatment: Wire Rope Barriers. Ever Wondered How They Actually Work? 16-Jul-2018
Keep Up to Date with RoadWise Road Safety News 16-Jul-2018
Is Your Local Government Nominating a Road Safety Project for a Local Government Road Safety Award? 26-Jun-2018
Child Car Restraint Update - June 2018 26-Jun-2018
Black Spot Programs 2019-2020 Nominations Open 26-Jun-2018
Courtesy Speed Display Signs (CSDS) Help Reduce Travel Speeds in the Shire of Dardanup 26-Jun-2018
Safe Roads and Roadside Treatments Address Safety on Julimar Road 26-Jun-2018
Carnarvon RoadWise Committee Farewells Road Safety Stalwart 26-Jun-2018
Safe Speed Improvements in Bindoon 26-Jun-2018
City of Swan Crash Trailer Reminds Whiteman Park Visitors to Drive Safely 26-Jun-2018
Car Yoga Demonstration Targets Driver Fatigue 26-Jun-2018
An Invitation from the Albany RoadWise Committee 26-Jun-2018
It's a Trucker's Life at the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley Driver Reviver Station 26-Jun-2018
Emergency Services Day held in Kalgoorlie 26-Jun-2018
City of Mandurah Launch Regional Youth Driver Education (RYDE) Program 26-Jun-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - June 2018 25-Jun-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - May 2018 22-May-2018
Welcome, Carol-Anne Bradley 22-May-2018
National Road Safety Week 2018 22-May-2018
Local Government Road Safety Awards 2018 22-May-2018
New Karratha RoadWise Group Holds First Meeting 22-May-2018
Promoting Child Car Restraint Use at the Grand Families Day in Bunbury 22-May-2018
New Resources Support Carnarvon Road Safety Activities 22-May-2018
City of Wanneroo Driver Reviver Reminds Drivers – Don’t Trust Your Tired Self 22-May-2018
Take Your Selfie Here, Not on the Road 22-May-2018
National Volunteers Week 2018 10-May-2018
Blessing of the Roads Campaign Wrap Up 19-Apr-2018
Acknowledging the Contributions of Members of the RoadWise Network 19-Apr-2018
Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) 'Share the Space' Campaign Wins Australian Road Safety Award 19-Apr-2018
Child Car Restraint (CCR) Update - After Market Modifications 19-Apr-2018
City of Swan Rewards the Safest Department for Fleet Use 19-Apr-2018
Choose Your Ride - Arrive Alive 19-Apr-2018
Hedland RoadWise Putting Community First 19-Apr-2018
Bike Safety at Carnarvon Town Beach 19-Apr-2018
Working Together in Derby and Fitzroy Crossing 19-Apr-2018
In the Market for Safety in South Perth 19-Apr-2018
Turn Your Lights On… 19-Apr-2018
Belt Up - Because You’re Worth Holding Onto 19-Apr-2018
RoadWise Team Visits the Constable Care Safety School 19-Apr-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - April 2018 17-Apr-2018
Get Involved in National Road Safety Week 12-Apr-2018
Proposed Upgrades to Create Traffic Calming and Increase Pedestrian Safety at City Beach 27-Mar-2018
Latest Horns and Hooves on the Highway Campaign Materials Set for Distribution 27-Mar-2018
Congratulations to the Carnarvon RoadWise Committee's Andrea Pitcher 27-Mar-2018
Child Car Restraint Information Session in Northam 27-Mar-2018
Taking a Bird's Eye View in the Pilbara 27-Mar-2018
City of Melville Gears up for Bike Week 27-Mar-2018
How High is the Water Mamma? Promoting the "If it's Flooded, Forget It" Message in Derby 27-Mar-2018
Road Safety Advisor Erin Miller Starts Parental Leave 26-Mar-2018
M8 the Call Can W8 Campaign Targets Novice Drivers for Youth Week 26-Mar-2018
City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group Acknowledges Norm Hewer 26-Mar-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - March 2018 22-Mar-2018
How Can You Shine a Light on Road Safety During May? 22-Mar-2018
Local Government Drives ‘L’ Plate Success in Bruce Rock 22-Mar-2018
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Trialled in Karratha 22-Mar-2018
Kalbarri RoadWise Committee Launches Midwest Passport 22-Mar-2018
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - February 2018 26-Feb-2018
Blessing of the Roads Campaign 2018 26-Feb-2018
Child Car Restraint Update - Keeping Fresh 26-Feb-2018
Coral Bay Visitors Get a Road Safety Reminder 26-Feb-2018
City of Joondalup Upgrades Whitfords Avenue to Improve Road Safety for all Road Users 26-Feb-2018
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Remind Drivers to Slow Down in the City of Rockingham 26-Feb-2018
Exploring the Pilbara Road Network - Roads, Roads and More Roads 26-Feb-2018
Nannup Family Fun Day Highlights Restraint Use 26-Feb-2018
Five Star Cars in Demand in the Wheatbelt Region 26-Feb-2018
SLOMO - New Laws to Protect Roadside Emergency Workers 26-Feb-2018
Free Road Safety Storybook Encourages Schools to Talk About Road Safety 26-Feb-2018
Blessing of the Roads 2018 Campaign 13-Feb-2018
2017 Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Update 29-Jan-2018
M8 the Call Can W8 and #AvonLocalsDrivingChange Projects Win 29-Jan-2018
Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter Update - December 29-Jan-2018
WALGA's RoadWise Farewells Tiffany Brown 29-Jan-2018
City of Stirling Facilitates Lower Speed Limits in High Pedestrian Area 29-Jan-2018
Promoting the Slow Down Message at the Rockingham Fair 29-Jan-2018
City of Karratha Reminds Drivers About Speed Limits 29-Jan-2018
Taking Action Against Distraction at the Albany Show 29-Jan-2018
Denmark Sober Super Hero Project 29-Jan-2018
Pounding the Streets to Check Safety for Vulnerable Road Users 29-Jan-2018
Workplaces Focus on Road Safety in the Lead up to Christmas 29-Jan-2018
Wheels in Motion Campaign Launches in Busselton 29-Jan-2018
Big Trucks, Little People in Norseman 29-Jan-2018
Narembeen, Subiaco, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Katanning and Broome Show Local Support for the Road Ribbons for Road Safety® campaign 29-Jan-2018
Congratulations, 2017 Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Campaign Participants 29-Jan-2018
Farewell, Cherie Wallace 29-Jan-2018
New 'On the Road' Road Safety Booklet Launched by Road Safety Minister, The Hon Michelle Roberts MLA 29-Jan-2018
Motorcycle Friendly Crash Barriers Installed on Chittering Road 29-Jan-2018
City of Cockburn Team Target Driver Distraction 29-Jan-2018
Carnarvon RoadWise Committee Launches New Crash Car Trailer 29-Jan-2018
Katanning Multi Agency Random Breath Test (RBT) Reinforces Road Safety During the Festive Season 29-Jan-2018
Bridgetown-Greenbushes Primary Schools 'Cop-It-Sweet' 29-Jan-2018
Grant Secures New Variable Message Trailers for Cottesloe and Vincent 29-Jan-2018
Bremer Bay Market Day Targets Driver Fatigue and Drink Driving 29-Jan-2018
January Newsletter now available 18-Jan-2018
December Newsletter now available 21-Dec-2017
World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 21-Nov-2017
Safe Speeds and Safe Towing at the Bunbury 4WD, Boating and Camping Expo 21-Nov-2017
Elephants Never Forget - Don’t Drive Tired 21-Nov-2017
Harvey Play Expo Display Targets Child Car Restraints 21-Nov-2017
Road Safety Goes to the Bull Creek Block Party 21-Nov-2017
Juniors Celebrate Children’s Week While Seniors Take to the Road 21-Nov-2017
Because Kids Are Worth Holding Onto... 21-Nov-2017
Two New Crash Car Trailers Launched in Wheatbelt South Region 21-Nov-2017
Bridgetown Mystery Tour of Life 21-Nov-2017
'Don’t Trust Your Tired Self' Message Promoted at Have a Go Day 21-Nov-2017
You're Invited to Participate in a Safe Vehicles Online Survey 21-Nov-2017
New Road Safety Audit Training Course and Portal Website Launched 21-Nov-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - November 2017 21-Nov-2017
WALGA RoadWise Joins Facebook 16-Nov-2017
Road Ribbon for Road Safety activities around the State 2-Nov-2017
New Road Safety Advisor (Metro North) 2-Nov-2017
2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference Expands Road Safety Horizons 26-Oct-2017
Planning a Road Ribbon for Road Safety® Activity? 26-Oct-2017
City of Fremantle Community Works Together For Safer Speeds 26-Oct-2017
Road Safety at the Toodyay Agricultural Show 26-Oct-2017
Car Shows Challenge Drivers to 'Bag it Up' and Slow Down in the Mid West 26-Oct-2017
Seniors Road Safety in the South West 26-Oct-2017
Blow Zero and Win at the Kalgoorlie Race Round 26-Oct-2017
New Type 1 Child Car Restraint Course in Albany 26-Oct-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - October edition 24-Oct-2017
WARSEC launch Directions 2017-2019 9-Oct-2017
Kununurra Traffic Stop a Success 28-Sep-2017
Working Together at the Mingenew Expo 28-Sep-2017
Promoting Restraint Use at the Northam Balloon Fiesta 28-Sep-2017
South West Industry Road Safety Alliance Members Present Collaborative Approach 28-Sep-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - September edition 26-Sep-2017
Are you Attending the Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC) at Crown Perth Next Month? 26-Sep-2017
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Encourage Drivers to Slow Down in Mundaring 26-Sep-2017
New Geographe Bay Regional RoadWise Road Safety Working Group's First Meeting 26-Sep-2017
Innovative Upgrade to Wongan Hills Parking Facilities to Address Safety Concerns 26-Sep-2017
A Big Coffee Stop Program Welcome to the Boyanup General Store 26-Sep-2017
Driver Reviver Volunteers Turning Ordinary Rest Stops into a Must Stop 26-Sep-2017
'Operation Measure' Targets Fatigue, Unroadworthy Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles in the Pilbara 26-Sep-2017
Wyalkatchem Golf Club Encourages Members to Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride 26-Sep-2017
Planning Out Fatigue at the Junction Races 26-Sep-2017
Motorcycle Safety at the Mundijong Fair 26-Sep-2017
Promoting the Activities of the Kalbarri RoadWise Committee 26-Sep-2017
WA Driver Reviver Success 14-Sep-2017
Road Ribbon for Road Safety 2017 13-Sep-2017
WALGA's RoadWise Achievements Report 2016-17 report is now available 31-Aug-2017
New safe speeds project to help prevent death and serious injury on Halls Creek roads 22-Aug-2017
'Vehicle Has Been Reported' Sticker Initiative Celebrated by Morawa RoadWise 21-Aug-2017
Working Together to Promote Safe Roads and Roadsides in Kununurra 21-Aug-2017
Promoting Road Safety Partnerships in the South West 21-Aug-2017
Keys for Life in Moora 21-Aug-2017
RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter - August edition 17-Aug-2017
Coffee Stop News - August 2017 17-Aug-2017
Child Car Restraint Update - August 2017 17-Aug-2017
Farewell, Karen White 17-Aug-2017
Road Safety and TravelSmart Group Back at the City of Cockburn 17-Aug-2017
Rockingam's New Crash Trailer Encourages Drivers to Slow Down 17-Aug-2017
Promoting 5 Star Cars at the Narrogin Golf Cup 17-Aug-2017
Record Breaking Number of Drivers Stop to Revive 17-Aug-2017
Transafe WA’s 14th Road Transport Industry Safety Forum 31-Jul-2017
Dalwallinu Lions Club Driver Reviver Triumph 19-Jul-2017
Courtesy Speed Display Signs Available to Assist With Local Safe Speed and Speeding Initiatives 18-Jul-2017
Child Car restraint Update - July 2017 18-Jul-2017
Road Safety Network Members Come Together for Webinar 18-Jul-2017
Welcoming New Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters in the Mid West and Pilbara 18-Jul-2017
Save Our Country Kids (SOCK) Week 18-Jul-2017
Towing Safely in the Gascoyne 18-Jul-2017
Driver Reviver Teams Out in Force for Fatigue Cause 18-Jul-2017
Hedland RoadWise Making a ‘Career’ of Road Safety 18-Jul-2017
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One Arm Point Basketball Tournament Urges Drivers to Belt Up 20-Jun-2017
Blessing the Roads and More at Tropicool 20-Jun-2017
Bringing together Neighbourhood Watch and Safe Vehicles 20-Jun-2017
Councils Join Forces to Check and Fit Resident’s Child Car Restraints 20-Jun-2017
Toodyay RoadWise Committee Target Unsecure Loads at Moondyne 2017 20-Jun-2017
Hedland RoadWise Championing Community Road Safety in the Pilbara 20-Jun-2017
Northam Senior Citizen's Indoor Bowls Club Slows Down and Enjoys the Ride 20-Jun-2017
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Bindoon's 'Wear Ya Wellies' Event Reminds Visitors to Slow Down and Enjoy the Ride 20-Jun-2017
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The Cities of Stirling, Swan and Wanneroo help holiday drivers stay safe 16-May-2017
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Meet Kal, the Kalbarri RoadWise Road Safety Mascot 16-May-2017
'Avon Locals Driving Change' Campaign Engages Wheatbelt Community 16-May-2017
Changing of the Guard at Toodyay RoadWise Committee 16-May-2017
RoadWise Committee Profile: Suzanne Reeves, Lake Grace RoadWise Committee 16-May-2017
Albany Easter Fatigue Road Stop 16-May-2017
Horns and Hooves Campaign Helps International Visitors 16-May-2017
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Choose Your Ride in the Kimberley region and Northam 22-Dec-2015
Showcasing the Wanneroo RoadWise Committee 22-Dec-2015
New Road Safety Auditor for the RoadWise Program 20-Nov-2015
Students get creative to promote seat belt safety 20-Nov-2015
Kununurra child car restraints checked 20-Nov-2015
RoadWise Committees and police working together to reduce drink driving in Gosnells and Armadale 20-Nov-2015
Swan RoadWise Committee promotes Motorcycle Safety Week 2015 20-Nov-2015
St Mary's Primary School gala movie night promotes the 'belt up' message 20-Nov-2015
Tackling motorcycle safety in the Wheatbelt North 20-Nov-2015
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® 2015 campaign events 13-Nov-2015
WALGA RoadWise Program receives Australasian Road Safety Conference Award 27-Oct-2015
Road Ribbon for Road Safety® 2015 campaign 27-Oct-2015
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Esperance footballers spread the "belt up" message 19-Jun-2015
Road safety at TropiCool 19-Jun-2015
Testing standard drink knowledge in Cranbrook 19-Jun-2015
Kalgoorlie Boulder race round - drink driving, it's never okay 19-Jun-2015
Denmark Fatigue Stop competition winner announced 19-Jun-2015
Drivers take a break on the long weekend 19-Jun-2015
Road safety events, conferences and resources 19-Jun-2015
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Stirling and Swan join forces with the RAC to host a free vehicle safety and child car restraint (CCR) checking station 19-May-2015
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You’re worth holding onto. Belt up this Easter long weekend 1-Apr-2015
Safe System Toolkit – assisting implementation of the safe system approach to road safety in Local Government 23-Mar-2015
‘Child Car Restraints – an Introduction’ - online training available 23-Mar-2015
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Safe Speed Workshop 22-Oct-2014
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Preventing distracted driving is a team effort 30-Jul-2014
Targeting driver distraction 22-Jul-2014
An Easter blessing for road safety in the City 15-May-2014
City of Greater Geraldton to encourage children to walk to school from early age 28-Mar-2014
City of Melville committed to reducing traffic speeds 27-Mar-2014
Shire of Kalamunda raises awareness of the dangers of driver distraction 25-Mar-2014
Congratulations to City of Armadale on 20-year commitment to road safety 21-Mar-2014
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