New High Occupancy Vehicles Policy Guide for Local Governments.

Published on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 at 9:45:38 AM

A new High Occupancy Vehicles Policy Guide for Local Government has been developed as a collaborative project aiming to address safety practices relating to high occupancy vehicles (HOVs), the diversity in their use and the challenges they pose within Local Governments.

Local Governments collectively manage a significant fleet of HOVs which are used widely in the community. HOVs have an increased potential for injury or fatality in the event of a crash as they carry a larger number of passengers and tend to be older vehicles with limited safety features.

The Policy Guide outlines minimum requirements for the safe use of HOVs, requirements for maintaining these vehicles and managing the safety risks associated with mass passenger transport.

For more information visit the Fleet Safety section of this website and to download a copy of the High Occupancy Vehicles Policy Guide visit the National Road Safety Partnership Program website.

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