Shire of Plantagenet Youth Skills Workshop – Buying a Car and Basic Maintenance

Published on Friday, 30 September 2022 at 3:51:43 PM

The Shire of Plantagenet RoadWise Committee recently collaborated with the Youth Advisory Group to put on a Youth Skills Worksop on buying a car and basic vehicle maintenance.

The students were given a hands-on demonstration by a local retired mechanic with the support of the RoadWise Committee Chairperson, Councillor Brett Bell. The workshop focused on how to change a tyre, safely on the side of a road, and what to check for when taking a long trip, including how to check water, oil and tyre pressure.

The group then retreated from the winter weather for a quiz and discussion on safe road use and what to look for when buying a car. Using the 2021 Used Car Safety Guide, the group engaged in activities which focused on the star rating system and what makes a vehicle safer.

This initiative was inspired by a vehicle safety check the RoadWise Committee ran for the community in the lead up to Easter. The Youth Advisory Group were keen to learn about basic vehicle maintenance and safety as they prepare for their licence and begin to think about purchasing their first car.

Contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor to find out how you can get involved in road safety.

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