About Child Car Restraints 

WALGA RoadWise coordinates the Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitting Service which provides the public with access to child car restraint fitting services across Western Australia. It provides training and ongoing support to the network of Type 1 Child Car Restraint (CCR) Fitters.

The service also provides a telephone information line and this website, to provide the public with access to information about fitting service locations and advice on child car restraints.

The service coordinates the Child Car Restraint Industry Advisory Group, which brings together agencies and organisations with the aim of providing consistent and agreed policies in relation to child car restraints in Western Australia.

Child Car Restraints: Minimum Age Requirements

Using an appropriate child car restraint can greatly reduce the risk of death or serious injury to a child in the event of a crash. The following information is intended as a quick reference guide to using child car restraints:

All child car restraints must be properly adjusted and fastened.

Birth - 6 months

  • Rearward facing restraint - capsule or rearward facing convertible restraint.

All of these child car restraints will have an internal inbuilt harness and a top tether strap.

6 months - 4 years

  • Rearward facing restraint, or
  • Forward facing restraint with an inbuilt harness - forward facing convertible restraint or a suitable combination restraint.

All of these child car restraints will have an internal inbuilt harness and a top tether strap.

4 - 7 years

  • Forward facing restraint with an inbuilt harness, or
  • Booster seat with a lap sash seatbelt or a child safety harness, or
  • Suitable combination restraint used in a booster seat mode.

Some of these child car restraints may not have a top tether strap. No child car restraint in this stage have ISOFix. 

The Australian Standard for Child Car Restraints AS/NZS 1754:2010 and 2013 are based on a child's age and height. This has changed from earlier Standards where weight needs to be considered. These restraints now exceed 10 years of age, following best practice guidelines, they are no longer recommended for use.

Visit the Resources section of this website to download a copy of the Child Car Restraints Brochure.

Product Safety Recall

For all child car restraint and product safety recall information, visit the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website.

WALGA have been notified of the following recalls, visit the Australian product safety website for a full list and further information:

  • Infa-secure seat buckles
  • Joie i-Gemm seat buckles
  • Joie i-Travvel car seat
  • Joie i-Gemm infant capsules

Child Car Restraint Resources and Tools

WALGA’s RoadWise has produced a number of child car restraint resources to assist professionals and community members. These can be obtained by completing the download form from the Resources section of this website:

  • Child Car Restraint Fact Sheet
  • Child Car Restraint Brochure
  • Child Car Restraints Cleaning Guide
  • Child Car Restraints – How to Guide
  • Child Car Restraints Informal Install and Checking Guide
  • Child Car Restraints – Second Hand Seller Fact Sheet

In addition to the above mentioned resources and tools, WALGA can provide additional resources and advice for Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters looking to conduct a child car restraint fitting station or information session in their community. If you would like assistance, please contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor.

Further Information

Phone: 1300 780 713 (WST)
Email: roadwise@walga.asn.au 
Operating hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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    Complaints Procedure

    The complaints procedure is designed to assist in ensuring ongoing quality of and confidence in the service provided by the network of Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters.

    If you are concerned about a service that you received from, or the activity of a Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter, you are encouraged to lodge a Complaint and Procedure Form and forward it to the Child Car Restraint Project Coordinator. Please visit the Resource section of this website to download a copy of the Complaint and Procedure Form.