What We Do

As a part of WALGA, the peak industry body for Local Governments in WA, RoadWise is uniquely placed to work closely with Local Governments. As system designers within the safe system framework, Local Governments have a strategic and operational road safety role as road managers, planning authorities and fleet managers, in addition to their community development and leadership roles.

Through a team of advisors, policy and project officers, a well-established existing RoadWise road safety network of more than 6,000 individuals and 66 local road safety committees, spread across the 11 regions of the state WALGA’s RoadWise contributes to the implementation of the WA Road Safety Strategy, in three key areas:

  • By engaging Local Governments in strategic and sustainable initiatives to ingrain or mainstream the safe system approach,
  • By informing, facilitating and mobilising community support and local action for road safety, and
  • Fostering and supporting collaborative partnerships to improve road safety in metropolitan, rural, remote communities across the state.

Our work aligns to the following themes:

  • Focused goals: working with system designers, communities, and road safety committees to develop focused and ambitious road safety goals.
  • Think system: using a holistic approach to build strength in all parts of the system.
  • Act now, work together: building support, efficacy and capacity to develop an informed and committed network.

The focus of our work includes:

  • Working with Local Governments to establish their road safety vision.
  • Building community support to share the ‘no blame’, ‘zero future’ message.
  • Proactively engaging Local Governments in the adoption of local and regional road safety goals.
  • Improving and nurturing the skills of the RoadWise network for safe system aligned project planning.
  • Promoting and advocating the adoption and application of safe system principles and practice by Local Governments.
  • Proactively engaging Local Governments in safe system conversations and actions.
  • Positively influencing and supporting the RoadWise network in activities that have greater effect (impact) and are more sustainable.
  • Creating a supportive environment for policy change and community action.
  • Driving local and regional collaboration and coordination for road safety.

Find out how to get involved:

Contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor to discuss how your organisation can work with WALGA's RoadWise to prevent road trauma, by adopting safe system policy and practice.