What We Do

WALGA’s RoadWise works with communities to take action to reduce road trauma.

Help and assist

  • Help establish RoadWise or local roads safety committees, attend existing committees and provide ongoing support.
  • Facilitate local partnerships / local level road safety.
  • Work with communities and stakeholders to identify and address local road safety issues.
  • Enable communities to be involved in and contribute to community road safety.
  • Help coordinate regional road safety effort.
  • Assist in the development of local road safety action plans.
  • Plan, develop and coordinate projects and campaigns (e.g. Driver Reviver, Coffee Stop, Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, Blessing of the Roads campaign, road safety awards and road safety signage).
  • Deliver Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter training.
  • Help establish and support a network of Type 1 Child Car restraint Fitters within each region.
  • Assist with road safety audits.

Provide advice and guidance

  • Provide access to road safety information, tools and resources (e.g. Towards Zero Road Safety Trailer and courtesy speed display signs).
  • Provide road safety advice to Local Governments, RoadWise Committees, community groups and individuals (e.g. child car restraints, Black Spot program grants).
  • Provide guidance, advice and assistance on the planning, implementation and evaluation of road safety projects, initiatives, campaigns and activities.
  • Provide advice and assistance in promoting road safety activities to the community.
  • Provide information to members of the RoadWise road safety network on road safety issues and effective interventions.
  • Provide advice on regional challenges and opportunities.
  • Provide advice on workplace road safety.


  • Liaise with government departments on road safety matters.
  • Advocate local and regional concerns and initiatives.
  • Refer road safety enquires to relevant agencies and organisations or research and information services.
  • Act as a conduit between Industry Road Safety Alliances and RoadWise Committees or networks.
  • Participate in and provide reports to Regional Road Group meetings.

Recognise and promote

  • Promote and publicise local road safety actions through WALGA RoadWise communications channels (e.g. WALGA RoadWise Facebook page, RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter).
  • Recognise local achievements in road safety (e.g. Human Spirit Award, Certificate of Appreciation, Local Government Road Safety Awards).


  • Research evidence-based and best practice approaches to road safety.
  • Collect data and reports on local road safety actions / activities.
  • Research, develop and disseminate tools, resources, campaign materials and communications to assist local road safety actions.