Introduction to Road Safety Auditing short course now available

Published on Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 11:26:43 AM

A Road Safety Audit is a formal examination of the potential road safety risks associated with a new road project or road improvement project. Including a Road Safety Audit in new projects can reduce future road management costs as well as reduce the risk and severity of crashes on the Local Road network.

A new online short course designed specifically for Local Government planners, managers, engineers and Elected Members is now available to give an overview of the benefits of road safety auditing, provide a broad understanding of its key elements, and describe when and how and audit should be included in projects.

Introduction to Road Safety Auditing is a half day course comprising of six interactive, online modules that can be accessed and undertaken at times to suit the participants.

For more information about Road Safety Audit Training and Accreditation visit Road Safety Audits » WALGA RoadWise.

Image: City of Stirling's Stephenson Avenue Extension Project

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