New WALGA Road Safety Management Systems Service

Published on Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 2:40:00 PM

WALGA is offering a new service to assist Local Governments to develop and adopt a Road Safety Management System (RSMS).

A RSMS is a framework which outlines the key policies and processes that will enable Local Governments to systematically manage local road safety performance.

Developing a RSMS assists Local Government to build, refine, evaluate and continually improve their road safety approach in order to improve road safety outcomes for the community.

Having a RSMS in place allows Local Governments to establish a clear road safety direction, improve the road safety performance of their local road network, and prioritise effort and resources. This will guide actions in working towards a point in time where no harm occurs on the local roads. There can also be financial benefits through the prioritising of road safety effort.

To find out more about implementing a RSMS, please contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor or visit the RSMS webpage.


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