Road Safety Art

Published on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 at 8:47:00 AM

The project, which resulted in a three metre tall emu sculpture providing a regular reminder to the community and generating ongoing discussions on road safety, has also included targeted, interactive education for students. Educational presentations to students reiterated relevant local statistics and included road safety messaging workshops to enhance the school curriculum. The students learned what cars are made from, what happens when they crash and used crashed vehicle parts to create the emu.

Commonly associated with regional communities, the local youth often have to travel long distances for education and employment opportunities. This project was purposely developed to improve their resilience and understanding of the risk in road crashes and how, in the natural setting of the region, wildlife can impact the risk of road trauma.

Living with Emu’s has been a collaboration between a number of local services and agencies, including Shire Rangers, emergency services, local artist Lewis Horne, Nannup District High School and the Shire of Nannup. For more information on the project and to view the video clip visit

This project was a result of a Road Safety Community Grant.

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