Shire of Manjimup Adopts a New Road Traffic Safety Policy

Published on Friday, 19 August 2022 at 3:48:29 PM

The Shire of Manjimup has been working with WALGA’s RoadWise Program, participating in a Demonstration Project – Local Government Road Safety Management System, to put in place a Road Safety Management System, to improve road safety outcomes in the Shire. More information about the Demonstration  Project can be found here.

Director of Works and Services, Michael Leers, said “the Policy was introduced to Council to ensure the Shire has a robust approach to road safety by embedding safe system methodology through the implementation of a Road Safety Management System across the Shire’s organisational activities”.

The measures set out in the Policy cover the following areas: roads and roadsides, intersections, reducing travel speeds, fleet safety and post-crash response. This Policy will guide the system and applies to all Shire-managed roads, roadsides, footpaths and cycle paths.

Catherine Mills, Manager of Technical Services said, “The Shire will adopt a practice of continual improvement through the means of a Road Safety Management System which will apply safe system principles where possible to all planning, maintenance, construction and operational policy on the Shire of Manjimup’s road network”.

Adopting an organisational road safety policy differs to a road safety strategy or plan because it embeds researched, evidence-based measures that are proven to reduce road deaths and serious injuries into the organisations everyday operations.

To WALGA’s knowledge, this policy is the first of its kind in Australia and WALGA commends the Shire of Manjimup on its commitment and leadership to reduce road deaths and serious injuries on its road network.  A copy of the Policy can be found on the Shire of Manjimup’s website here.

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