Thank you: Cr Len Handasyde

Published on Thursday, 17 February 2022 at 1:46:00 PM

Fourteen years is a long time to dedicate to road safety in your community, but that's exactly what Cr Len Handasyde has done in the Shire of Plantagenet.

Recently stepping down from his position as Chair of the Plantagenet RoadWise Committee, Cr Handasyde has been a road safety advocate since 2008, when he joined the Shire of Plantagenet RoadWise Committee as a local P & C representative. This was prior to becoming an Elected Member in 2009 and continuing his involvement as a Council representative.

Cr Handasyde, along with the RoadWise Committee, helped set up the Plantagenet Driver Reviver operation in 2008. The Committee has continued to service travellers to the region twice a year, with their most recent event in September 2021 and their next one planned for the upcoming Labour Day long weekend in March.

Each year, Cr Handasyde dedicated time to the local Blessing of the Roads event which brings the local community together to remember those who have been injured or killed on our roads, and give thanks for those who work to prevent and reduce road trauma. He shared his personal story of the death of his two brothers and a good friend in a crash many years ago and the impact it had on his family and the local community.

These experiences were incorporated into a joint presentation at the 2018 Great Southern Road Safety Conference, sharing local road safety initiatives with Local Government staff and Elected Members.

Cr Handasyde is recognised for being open to learning and considering new ideas, and being committed and focused on addressing road safety within his local community.

Whilst handing on the RoadWise baton, Cr Handasyde will continue his role as Chair of the Great Southern Regional Road Group, Chair of the recently formed Narrikup Roads Working Group and will remain involved in considering other freight and transport needs across the Great Southern region.

Thank you, Cr Handasyde, for your ongoing support and commitment to the WALGA RoadWise Program.

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Pictured above: Cr Handasyde (pictured on right in both photos) has been an active member of the Driver Reviver operation since it began in 2008.

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