Sporting Clubs and Community Groups

There are many ways sporting clubs, community groups and service clubs contribute to the road safety effort across Western Australia. Working with WALGA’s RoadWise, these organisations help promote road safety in their communities and are actively involved in delivering road safety projects and campaigns.

Community Groups

Community groups are a vital part of the Road Safety Network. Groups such as the Country Women’s Association of WA and Men's Sheds of WA are represented on many committees and work actively in local communities to highlight and address road safety issues.

Sporting Clubs

Sporting Clubs are often the heart and soul of regional communities, providing more than place to exercise or keep fit. Like community groups, RoadWise works with sporting clubs to promote road safety action, including participation in Belt Up and Skipper initiatives.

Service Groups

Supporting the community at the local level, service clubs including Apex, Rotary and Lions are often involved in road safety projects and activities, including Driver Reviver operations. Many RoadWise Committees have representation from one or more of these clubs.

Would your organisation like get involved?

Contact your closest Regional Road Safety Advisor to find out how your organisation or group can support the road safety effort in your local community.