Safe Roads and Roadsides

Improving the safety of roads could reduce the number of serious crashes by as much as 40 per cent. Investing in safe system infrastructure improvements will continue to save lives and prevent serious injuries in the future, creating a lasting legacy of an inherently safe road network.

WALGA's Regional Road Safety Advisors are available to guide and support Local Governments with developing and implementing initiatives to assist with their safe system infrastructure improvements. 

To support this, WALGA's RoadWise have also developed a number of tools and resources which are downloadable from the Resources section of this website or by contacting your Regional Road Safety Advisor.

Black Spot Programs

Black Spot Programs provide funding to Local Governments to directly target improvements to the safety of roads with a proven crash history or high-risk locations.

WALGA's RoadWise has developed two resources for Local Governments and Regional Road Groups which outline how RoadWise can assist with National and State Black Spot Program submissions, and provide support during the process:

  • Black Spot Program Officer Assistance Fact Sheet
  • Black Spot Program Kit 

Safe Roads and Roadsides Resource

The WALGA RoadWise, Safe Roads and Roadsides Resource Kit, which was initially developed to assist Local Governments in the Great Southern region, has been adapted to allow information to be tailored to suit the needs of individual Local Governments, RoadWise or other road safety committees/groups. It is intended to support and enhance existing Local Government activities.

The Kit includes supporting templates such as quizzes, media releases, activities, posters and presentations.

Other Resources

Visit the following pages for more information on other initiatives targeting safe roads and roadsides:

More Information

To obtain copies of any of the above mentioned tools and resources, visit the Resources section of this website and contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor