WALGA's RoadWise Program has developed the Principles for Managing Road Safety in Local Government which are a set of principles designed to guide and support Local Governments in embracing the safe system approach to road safety.

How Were the Principles Developed?

The principles were developed using a consensus process which involved an expert panel from the Local Government sector, together with local, national and international road safety professionals.

What do the Principles do?

Essentially, the principles provide direction and context to assist Local Governments to formulate strategies, plans and activities to improve road safety outcomes consistent with international best practice.

The principles build on past experience, work to add value to future activities and offer guidance to Local Governments in pursuit of innovation and effectiveness in the way they manage road safety.


More information

For further information, please download an electronic copy of the Principles for Managing Road Safety in Local Government booklet by visiting the Products and Services page or contact your local Regional Road Safety Advisor.