Road Safety Governing Principles for Local Governments

The Road Safety Governing Principles for Local Governments are a high-level framework that can be used to guide and assist Local Governments to accomplish good governance in road safety.

These new updated “governing principles” are specific to Local Government and can be used as a framework to assist in the adoption of the safe system approach across all levels of the organisation to achieve a robust system for managing road safety effectively.

How Were the Principles Developed?

The principles have been adapted from the Safe System Guiding Principles which were developed by WALGA in 2009. These original Principles were developed using a rigorous consensus process called the Delphi Process, whereby a panel of road safety experts from the Local Government sector, together with local, national and international road safety professionals, collectively agreed on the final principles.

How can the Principles be Used?

Road safety governance refers to a suite of processes, systems, roles and responsibilities by which an organisation is directed, controlled and held to account with regards to road safety. Each of the governing principles provide guidance, direction and context for Local Governments to formulate policies and practices that are proactive and evidence-based to ultimately improve road safety outcomes consistent with international best practice.

More Information

For further information, download a copy of the Road Safety Governing Principles for Local Governments fact sheet from the Resources section of this website or contact your Regional Road Safety Advisor.