Road Safety Management Systems Service

WALGA is offering a new service to assist Local Governments to develop and adopt a Road Safety Management System (RSMS). 


What is a Road Safety Management System (RSMS)?

A RSMS is a framework which outlines the key policies and processes that will enable Local Governments to systematically manage local road safety performance.

Developing a RSMS assists Local Government to build, refine, evaluate and continually improve their road safety approach in order to improve road safety outcomes for the community.

Is the WALGA RSMS based on best practice?

The RSMS service is based on international best practice in road safety management.

Participating Local Governments will benefit from advice and support to guide them through the process of developing a systematic approach to managing road safety performance on their local network. 

Based on, but not limited to, the International Standard for Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (ISO 39001), the Institutional Management Functions (World Report), the overarching principles of the safe system approach, and the Principles for Managing Road Safety in Local Government, the service will provide Local Governments with assistance to develop a tailored  RSMS.

Will the RSMS be tailored to each Local Government?

Participating Local Governments will develop a management system relevant and suited to their organisational scope, capacity and context. The method and tools used will be determined in consultation with each Local Government.

What are the benefits of a RSMS?

Having a RSMS in place allows Local Governments to establish a clear road safety direction, improve the road safety performance of their local road network, and prioritise effort and resources. This will guide actions in working towards a point in time where no harm occurs on the local roads. There can also be financial benefits through the prioritising of road safety effort.

More information

To find out more about implementing a RSMS, please contact Road Safety Systems Specialist, Jo Malcolm on (08) 9213 2523 or email