Road Safety Week in pictures

Posted on: Thursday, 11 May 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

WALGA’s RoadWise supported a number of global and national road safety campaigns during May, including UN Global Road Safety Week, National Road Safety Week, the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign and Fatality Free Friday.

RoadWise developed two resource kits to assist Local Governments and the road safety network to participate. The campaigns were also promoted through WALGA's social media platforms during April and May.

Local Governments embraced the theme of UN Global Road Safety Week 2017 - speed and what can be done to address this risk factor in road crashes, taking the opportunity to engage with the community about the importance of slowing down and showcasing local projects aimed at reducing travel speeds.

Following is a snapshot of the many ways Local Governments helped promote the road safety campaigns during May.

The Great Southern Police District, in partnership with WALGA RoadWise committees based in Albany, Mount Barker, Cranbrook, Denmark and Katanning participated in Road Safety Week in a variety of ways, including lighting up local buildings, deploying speed display and crash car display trailers with speed messages, promoting local 'I slow down...' bumper sticker and 'Community Safe Speed Promise'  initiatives, engaging the community in stopping distance activities, and promoting the slow down message through banners, signage, community displays, local media and social media.

In the South West, a collaboration between the South West Industry Road Safety Alliance, Bunbury RoadWise and South West Youth Driver Development Program lit up Bunbury Tower and the lighthouse and promoted the slow down message through local media and social media. Local Government and industry leaders in Collie also participated in a media campaign, urging residents to slow down.

Activities in the Kimberley region, saw community volunteers join police, Main Road WA and RoadWise representatives at a fatigue stop in Kununurra on 9 May, which encouraged drivers to slow down and enjoy the ride. The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley showed their support for the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign, asking the community to drive with their headlights turned on Friday, 12 May.

In the Pilbara, the Town of Port Hedland and the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls Inc. used social media to encourage the local community to think about how they can reduce travel speeds and take action to contribute to a safe system with zero deaths and serious injuries.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents were asked to drive with their headlights on and Shine a Light on Road Safety on Friday, 12 May. The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Kalgoorlie-Boulder RoadWise Committee used Road Safety Week to highlight road works aimed at reducing travel speeds on local roads.

In the metropolitan area, a number of Local Governments lit up local buildings or icons in support of the Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign (including the Cities of Perth and South Perth), whilst others including the City of Melville promoted the importance of slowing down through social media and their website.

If you would like to see how the RoadWise community road safety network joined forces to raise awareness of the importance of slowing down on our roads, visit the Road Safety Week 2017 photo gallery on the RoadWise website;

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