Driver Reviver Operations Help Combat Fatigue

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Volunteers from the Broome Men’s Shed and the City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group were among the many organisations operating Driver Reviver sites over the Easter long weekend.

On Easter Monday, "The Shedders" set up one of the more remote Driver Reviver operations, a couple of hours south of Broome, to assist travellers returning home from their Easter holiday destination.

Among those stopping for a rest, biscuit and coffee were families on their way to Kununurra, Karratha, Hedland, or just home to Broome – and all were appreciative of the break.

The City of Wanneroo RoadWise Working Group helped more than 175 drivers avoid fatigue by providing a place for them to stop for a break, a drink and a chat (at the Driver Reviver operation on Indian Ocean Drive, Gingin).

Driver Reviver is an important community initiative that aims to reduce fatigue related crashes by encouraging travellers to take regular breaks in their journey by visiting an operating site.



Pictured above: Volunteers from the Broome Men’s Shed take a short break for a photo opportunity; The Thornycroft family from Kununurra take a break – they were still more than 1000km from their final destination.

Visit the Driver Reviver website at to find out more about how you can avoid fatigue on your next journey.

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