Meet Kal, the Kalbarri RoadWise Road Safety Mascot

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Kal is the Kalbarri RoadWise road safety mascot, working to inform people about road safety through local road safety projects.

Kal is a fit, brawny looking kangaroo with attitude, who is passionate about road safety. 

Kal warns drivers to slow down, drive to the conditions and avoid driving during dusk and dawn when he and his kangaroo friends, emus, bush turkeys and other wild creatures are out and about on country roads. 

With help from the Kalbarri RoadWise Committee, Kal now has his own Facebook page ( and Twitter account ( 

In the coming months, Kal will be busy with photo shoots, including for the ‘Mid-West Passport’ which is a 48 page visitor travel and road safety booklet. Kal will also be attending the ‘Kalbarri Road Trauma Prevention Day’, appearing on road safety postcards and posters and popping up on photo cut outs across the region. 

Kal urges everyone to plan their trip, take regular breaks (at least every two hours), drive safely and enjoy the journey.


Pictured above: If you live in the Mid West region (or plan to visit), keep an eye out for Kal, the Kalbarri RoadWise road safety mascot.


Keep up with Kal's activities across the Mid West. Follow him on Facebook ( or Twitter (

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