Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter Update - December

Posted on: Monday, 29 January 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

This month, the Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter update focuses on child car restraint accessories.

hThere are a vast range of accessories promoted for use with child car restraints. A number of these accessories use phrases such as “crash tested at an official crash testing facility”, “it complies” or “it passed the specific requirements”. These phrases can make it confusing for consumers to determine whether a product is certified to the AS/NZS 8005:2013.

The AS/NZS 8005:2013 Standard – Accessories for child restraints for use in motor vehicle, is a non-mandatory Standard for accessories that are able to be used in conjunction with AS/NZS 1754 Standard for child car restraints.
As is discussed during the Type 1 Child Car Restraint Training Course, a Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter can neither explicitly endorse nor explicitly advise against the use of child car restraint accessories.

It is mandatory that Type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitters do not involve themselves in the removal (or reattachment) of the accessories/devices when assisting a client with the fitting of a child car restraint to a vehicle, or advise a client in relation to such accessories/devices.
Standards Australia’s website advises that if you purchase a product or service which claims to meet an Australian Standard, but you think it does not, then the following steps may be considered:

  1. highlight your concern with the retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer from which you purchased the product;
  2. if the product is certified, contact the relevant certification body that certified the product;
  3. contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or the relevant State or Territory Office of Fair Trading.

To find out more about Standards Australia, visit http://www.standards.org.au

For more information or clarification on the subject of child car restraint accessories, call the WALGA RoadWise Child Car Restraint Fitting Information Line on 1300 780 713 or visit www.childcarrestraints.com.au.

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