New Vehicle Has Been Reported Fact Sheet Now Available

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

A vehicle which has been left abandoned or parked contrary to legislation can be a hazard to the community. Local Governments have the authority to remove these vehicles once they have been identified as either abandoned vehicle wrecks or if they are parked illegally, but what is the process for this to occur?

A new fact sheet created to outline the legislative authority for Local Governments to remove vehicles is now available.

The WALGA RoadWise Vehicle Has Been Reported Fact Sheet provides information for Local Governments and the WA Police Force on the use of the ‘Vehicle Has Been Reported’ stickers, including the relevant legislation which allows the removal of both abandoned vehicles and vehicles which have been parked illegally.

The ‘Vehicle Has Been Reported’ stickers were developed by the Morawa RoadWise Committee when locals came across a crashed vehicle. Not knowing when the crash had occurred, they stopped and searched the area for any occupants.

The stickers were developed to provide notification that a vehicle has been reported and the authorities are aware of the vehicle location.


Pictured above: The WALGA RoadWise Vehicle Has Been Reported Fact Sheet is now available for download. 

To find out more about the legislative authority to remove vehicles, download the fact sheet via the resources page of the RoadWise website at To order ‘Vehicle Has Been Reported’ stickers, email


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