New Look WALGA RoadWise Vehicles Reflect Importance of Road Safety Network

Posted on: Monday, 18 March 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

WALGA's Road Safety officers will soon be easier to spot in the community, thanks to new vehicle signage. 

Aligned to the refreshed branding for WALGA's RoadWise, the new vehicle decals have been designed to reflect how the 6,200-strong members of the RoadWise road safety network are working together to prevent road trauma. 

If you are in the South West region, you might spot our first new vehicle on a street near you, with the new branding to be rolled out across the state as our fleet vehicle changeovers take place. 


Pictured above: The new RoadWise vehicle decals act as another reminder that we are all working together for a future with zero deaths and serious injuries. 

Visit the RoadWise website at to find out how you can get involved in local road safety initiatives in your community. 


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