Zero Road Trauma is the Answer this Easter in the South West

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

Easter is a time for coming together and the South West Regional Road Group Elected Members are collaborating with WALGA’s RoadWise on Easter road safety messages and asking the community to accept that road trauma is preventable.

By accepting this, we are challenging the belief that road trauma is inevitable and in turn, generating support and involvement in local road safety initiatives.
South West Regional Road Group Elected Members Chairperson Cr Peter Robinson said the Blessing of the Roads campaign and other Easter road safety messages, such as Choose Your Ride, Arrive Alive, provide an opportunity to remember that road trauma is preventable.
“This Easter weekend, we are asking everyone to think about the number of deaths and serious injuries they are willing to accept and that we can achieve zero” he said.

  • As a road user, be responsible for your actions when using the roads and obey the road rules.
  • As a local car dealer, disseminate positive consumer information about safety features that can help increase the uptake of safe cars.
  • As a Local Government, think about how to design or retrofit the local road system to accommodate driver error - people just making mistakes.
  • The only acceptable number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads is zero.

Local Governments and RoadWise Committees across the state have joined forces this Easter, promoting a number of localised road safety campaigns which aim to reinforce that zero is achievable. Congratulations for taking the lead as we aim for a future with zero deaths and serious injuries on WA roads.

The May edition of the RoadWise Road Safety Newsletter will feature a full recap of Easter road safety activities coordinated by the RoadWise road safety network.





Pictured above: South West Regional Road Group Elected Members remind those living and visiting the region that zero is achievable; Busselton's Choose Your Ride campaign launch. 

To find out more about road safety activities in the South West region, visit the RoadWise website at or the South West WA RoadWise Facebook page at


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