Blessing of the Roads Campaign Update

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 at 12:00:00 AM

The 2020 Blessing of the Roads campaign is encouraging everyone to work together towards a future of zero road deaths and serious injuries.

Blessing of the Roads provides an opportunity to remember those who have been affected by road trauma; recognise the dedication and efforts of those, both full-time and volunteers, who work towards preventing road trauma in Western Australia; and support the actions and steps Local Governments (and others) are taking to create communities which prioritise safety outcomes, such as implementing road safety policies.

If your Local Government or organisation has made the decision not to proceed with scheduled Blessing of the Roads community events, there are a number of other ways to participate in the campaign and promote road safety in the lead up to the Easter long weekend. 

WALGA's RoadWise has developed a new promotional tool for the Blessing of the Roads campaign which allows Local Governments (and others) to acknowledge local road safety efforts and contributions outside the community event setting. 

A photo overlay is available to download from the 'Tools and Resources' section of the RoadWise website at

The photo overlay can be used on images of local emergency service personnel, photos from 2019 Blessing of the Roads events, or photos of other road safety initiatives and then posted on social media, in newsletters and on websites to acknowledge those who work to make our roads safer. 

The Blessing of the Road Resource Kit includes communication templates which can assist members of the community road safety network to share road safety information in the lead up to the Easter long weekend in a variety of alternate ways.

Pictured above: The new photo overlay is available from the RoadWise website. There are many ways to promote and support the Blessing of the Roads campaign and the message that zero deaths and serious injuries is achievable.
For more information about the campaign and how you can get involved, visit the RoadWise website;

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